June 13, 2006

Win4Lin announces virtual desktop server product

Sharon Smith writes "New Product Provides ability to consolidate and serve multiple Windows Desktops from Linux Servers merging the best of Virtual Desktop and Terminal Server technologies in one offering

AUSTIN, TX -- Win4Lin, the leading purveyor of desktop and enterprise Windows-on-Linux solutions for business, announced today the immediate availability of their new Enterprise and SMB product, Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server (VDS). The product provides the ability to consolidate and serve multiple Windows Desktops from Linux server infrastructure.

Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server allows organizations to standardize the application environment to users regardless of desktop hardware and operating system - Windows, UNIX, or Linux can be used on the client, but a common application profile can be created and served from Linux server configurations such as blade servers, rack arrays or large multi-way machines.

Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server is very popular in the retail, education and health services industries due to its ease in supporting legacy Windows applications for industries that are looking to preserve their application investment while migrating to lower cost operating system infrastructure.

The features of Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server include:

*Integrated Virtual Machine hosting of Windows XP/2000 desktop sessions on Linux servers
*Centralized management and provisioning of users
*"Renewable" windows - recover from any malware corrupted session by re-launching the original master copy of Windows with your individual "Documents and Settings"
*Display either a single application or an entire Windows desktop.
*Automatic local printing from the server to the local attached printer.
*Consistent user access to personal desktop environment from home, office and other network connected locations.
*Support for multiple remote display choices - Win4Lin client, Sun Ray, NoMachine, LTSP, VNC, X, and others.

Win4Lin VDS serves Windows applications to network-connected users using Linux server infrastructure while providing all the advantages of consolidation and central management. Linux Servers, the fastest growing sector in the server market, are more cost effective, more secure, and more reliable than other server operating systems.

"IBM is committed to an enterprise software strategy based on open standards such as J2EE, Linux and others, using tools like Eclipse and Rational," said Jeff Smith, Vice President, Open Source & Linux Middleware, IBM Software Group. "Products like Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server provide a bridge for hard-to-replace legacy desktop applications as customers fully transition towards an open standards based application environment."

"As more and more enterprises look to the advantages of Linux on the desktop, they need to provide a seamless way of bringing legacy Windows applications to Linux," said Roger Levy, vice president and general manager of Open Platform Solutions for Novell. "Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server is a natural complement to Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise platform, as Win4Lin allows customers to fully leverage an end-to-end Linux infrastructure without giving up access to their legacy Windows applications."

"Many businesses are in a transition phase regarding their IT infrastructure and applications," said Malcolm Yates, ISV and Partner Manager at Canonical, "and the Virtual Desktop Server on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS delivers a stable, secure and manageable solution to support a broad range of existing applications and users."

"Mandriva, as a worldwide Linux and Open Source leader, is committed to leveraging virtualization technology, such as OpenVZ, for Linux OS virtualization. We also recognize that customers still may have some number of Windows applications that provide challenges in making the complete transition to Linux", said Francois Bancilhon, president and CEO of Mandriva. "Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server provides our users with complementary virtual machine technology to host and serve legacy Windows guests environments from our Mandriva Corporate Server 4.0 platform."

"This is an important step forward for Win4Lin in both its usability and performance allowing the enterprise to embrace Linux but continue to provide access to Windows applications. Choosing Win4Lin makes sense for organizations who want to move off Windows to Linux, but have trepidations about the new environment. Along with the connectivity of NoMachine, users can finally experience fast and easy access to Windows on the Linux desktop, making the migration to Linux smoother", said Gian Filippo Pinzari CEO and CTO of NoMachine.

"Vision Technologies, Boundless Technologies, and UCSI are leaders in thin client devices to large organizations", said Oscar Smith, President and CEO. "Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server is the ideal software complement to our products, providing cost-effective, open source server-based delivery of Windows desktops to organizations seeking to use thin client devices and virtual machine technology to achieve the lowest possible TCO for desktop computing."

"Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server is the ideal complement to our Desktop Multiplier for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop software," said Trevor Poapst, Director of Global Marketing and Channel Strategy for Omni. "Our customers are seeking the efficiencies and cost savings of a multiplied Linux desktop, but often still have the need to run specialized Windows applications. We recommend Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server in these cases."

"KitASP is a leader for thin client solutions in the Japanese market. The market for thin client solutions is rising at the same time as the acceptance of open source platforms is rising," said Toshio Matsuda, president and CEO of KitASP. "Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server provides our customers with the compelling integration of popular Windows applications together with popular Linux servers."

"Net Integration Technologies manufactures and sells an award-winning, Linux-based server Operating System solution for SMB resellers( NITIX) ", said Steve Estabrooks, Director, ISV account Development. "Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server addresses one of the most sought-after capabilities in our partner base, an efficient Linux-based way to deploy Windows terminal like desktop sessions. Net Integration Technologies has also been using Win4Lin products internally for several years with much success."

“Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server is ‘just what the doctor ordered’” according to Jordan Rosen, CEO of Lille Corp. "Our large healthcare clients want to turn IT right-side up by making Linux the dominant operating system and Microsoft Windows the legacy player. VDS not only makes that technically feasible, but it makes it affordable."

"Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server is in the vanguard of products opening new markets for infrastructure where desktop operating environments are uncoupled from their physical machine dependencies", said Jim Curtin, president and CEO of Win4Lin, Inc. "Virtual Desktop Server allows an organization to deploy an end-to-end Linux infrastructure where legacy Windows 2000 and XP desktops are guests, not rooted control points. This is a watershed event, from SMB to enterprise, in the shift from ponderous and out-dated desktop paradigms to flexible, cost-effective virtual desktop infrastructure."

Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server can be used in one of two ways. First, VDS serves as a means to wean a Linux-committed organization from the last few Windows applications by consolidating them onto a server for as-needed concurrent use. Windows can then be gracefully de-commissioned from a convenient central location once suitable replacements are in production. Secondly, organizations with reluctant user populations can use VDS to server Windows desktops in “full screen” mode on top of an end-to-end Linux infrastructure. This allows the organization to reap the many benefits of Linux infrastructure without their users needing to be re-trained in the first phases of the conversion.

Win4Lin Pro Desktop, the single-user Desktop version of Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server, was recently picked as the winner in a LinuxWorld Magazine face-off review against VMware Workstation™ and was the winner of the prestigious LinuxWorld Expo Award, Best Enterprise Integration Product.

Pricing and Availability

Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server is available immediately.

For a free 30-day evaluation, please visit http://www.win4lin.com/component/option,com_akofor ms/func,showform/formid,1/Itemid,156/ For more information or to purchase please call +1.512.339.7979 or send an email to sales@win4lin.com.

Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server is priced at $125 per user with a minimum configuration of 20 seats. The 20-seat configuration is specially priced at US$2000. Please contact Win4Lin for volume pricing and educational discounts.

About Win4Lin

Win4Lin is a leader in technology for creating Windows-on-Linux virtualization solutions targeted at developing competitive advantage for business. Win4Lin supplies Fortune 500 enterprises, educational institutions, SMB and desktop users with solutions that allow them to run the Windows desktop and Windows applications on Linux in true Windows sessions.

For more information about Win4Lin and its products please visithttp://www.win4lin.com/ .

Win4Lin, Win4Lin Pro Desktop, Win4Lin Virtual Desktop Server and Win4Lin 9X Terminal Server are trademarks or registered trademarks of Win4Lin, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners."

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