August 20, 2003

Win4lin Now Available on Walmart

NeTraverse writes "Win4Lin lets users run their current Windows Applications on low-cost Linux boxes.

Austin - NeTraverse announced today the immediate availability of the award-winning Win4Lin at Win4Lin joins two other Linux distribution vendors on the site and is the first pure application vendor to be featured.

The increasing momentum of Linux is taking it from everyday deployments on the Server to acceptance on the Desktop. At the same time, Linux on the Desktop is evolving from being predominantly a technical workstation solution to becoming a mainstream home consumer solution. has been on the front wave of consumer adoption of Linux with low-cost systems from Microtel and pre-installed Linux distributions like Lindows and Lycoris.

Win4Lin allows users to run their existing Windows software on the Linux operating system, as if the Windows desktop were just another application. The Windows
applications and the Linux applications share the same file system and system resources, making performance snappy and the system easy to manage.

"Giving users the ability to run their familiar Windows applications on pre-loaded, low-cost Linux PCs is a tremendous step forward in the adoption of Linux on
the desktop," said James Curtin, President and CEO of NeTraverse, Inc. "Users have been inhibited in adopting Linux on the desktop by the lack of applications available. Now Win4Lin allows a user to run virtually their full library of existing Windows applications."

"Win4Lin is the perfect enabling product for the consumer who is looking to move to the more powerful, stable and cost-effective Linux environment but still needs to use those one or two Windows applications that are hard to replace, whether it is QuickBooks or Dreamweaver, or even Outlook or Internet Explorer", said Rich Hindman, Vice President of Microtel Computer System. "Win4Lin is the product that extends the reach and appeal of Linux from power users all the way to moms on Main Street."

About NeTraverse

NeTraverse Inc., is the market leader in bridging Windows to Linux with over 900,000 users worldwide. Providing both thick and thin-client software solutions
on the Linux and UNIX platform, NeTraverse products include Win4Lin Workstation, Win4Lin Terminal Server and Merge. Headquartered in Austin, Texas.

For more information on NeTraverse and NeTraverse products, please visit

About Microtel Computer Systems

Microtel Computer Systems through its built-to-order business model, designs, manufactures and customizes products and services to customer requirements, and offers an extensive selection of software and peripherals. Microtel desktop PCs are sold through U.S. retailers, System Integrators, and VARS/VADS. Visit for more information.

*Currently, this offer is limited to online purchases and not available through Wal-Mart stores.

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