May 31, 2006

Win4Lin Pro Desktop 3.0 Available

Sharon Smith writes "Company’s Win4Lin Pro runs Windows Applications on Linux at Near-Native Speed

AUSTIN, TX -- Win4Lin, the leading purveyor of desktop and enterprise Windows-on-Linux solutions for business, announced today the general availability of Version 3 of their Win4Lin Pro Desktop™ product.

Included in this release of Win4Lin Pro Desktop, in addition to performance improvements, are:

· One-Click-2-Windows™ installation -- the easiest way to install Windows on a Linux Desktop
· Copy-on-write-snapshot mode which can prevent changes to the user’s virtual disk from being saved, denying viruses and other malware the ability to corrupt the user’s virtual system disk
· Full support for audio playback and recording

"Win4Lin Pro 3 is the perfect product for users who have embraced Linux but continue to need access to Windows applications that will most likely never be ported to Linux," said Jim Curtin, president and CEO of Win4Lin. "Win4Lin Pro 3 raises the bar on performance, usability and integration with Linux to make it the Gold Standard for users needing to lower their costs of desktop computing with Linux while preserving their investment in Windows."

"Win4Lin Pro 3.0 is an important step forward in both usability and performance. We are pleased to offer the world's fastest and easiest method for installing Windows on a Linux desktop, where users can literally be running Windows XP in less than thirty minutes,” said Leo Reiter, Win4Lin CTO. “The overall enhancements in other areas of the product are a perfect complement to the breakthrough in ease-of-use that One-Click-2-Windows™ provides."

With the Release of Win4Lin Pro Desktop 3, the company will discontinue individual sales of their older Win4Lin 9x Desktop product. The Win4Lin 9x product, aimed at providing support for Windows 95/98/ME, will continue to be available to corporate customers under fungible licensing that will allow Corporate customers the ability to use either Win4Lin Pro Desktop or Win4Lin 9x Desktop under a single license. Companies that have a legacy applications that only run on Win9x OS’s are encouraged to contact Win4Lin for quotes.

Win4Lin Desktop Solutions allow organizations and individuals to complete their migration from Windows to Linux by allowing them to continue to run their critical Windows applications on the Linux Desktop.

Win4Lin Pro Desktop was recently picked as the winner in a LinuxWorld Magazine face-off review against VMware Workstation™ and was the winner of the prestigious LinuxWorld Expo Award, Best Enterprise Integration Product

Pricing and Availability

Win4Lin Pro 3 is being offered to new users at the introductory price of $69.99 until 18 June 2006 (Regular Price $89.99). Existing Win4Lin Pro users can download Version 3 at no charge.

To buy Win4Lin Pro 3 now, please visit”>

Existing users of Win4Lin Pro please visit ndex.html ”> /index.html to download version 3.

Win4Lin Product Family

Other products in the Win4Lin product family include, Win4Lin 9x Terminal Server and Win4Lin Pro Terminal Server. Win4Lin 9x Terminal Server and Win4Lin Pro Terminal Server are the company’s SMB and enterprise solutions for delivering Windows applications on thin clients via a Linux server.

About Win4Lin

Win4Lin is a leader in technology for creating Windows-on-Linux virtualization solutions targeted at creating competitive advantage for business. Win4Lin supplies Fortune 500 enterprises, educational institutions, SMB and desktop users with solutions that allow them to run the Windows desktop and Windows applications on Linux in true Windows sessions.

For more information about Win4Lin and its products please visit

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Contact Information:

Dan Perlman
VP, Marketing, Win4Lin


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