May 3, 2005

Win4Lin Pro updated for full Win XP support

win4lin writes "New Release Delivers Major Upgrade to Flagship Product
May 2, 2005
AUSTIN, TX - Win4Lin, a leading supplier of enterprise virtualization solutions on Linux, announced today the immediate shipping of Win4Lin Pro 1.1, a major upgrade to the company's flagship product. New in the product is full support for Windows XP, file system integration and major performance upgrades.

While Win4Lin Pro, as it was released in February, provided full support for Windows 2000, support for Windows XP was termed âexperimentalâ. Win4Lin Pro 1.1 lifts that restriction and provides full support for Windows XP. Users can run Windows XP applications and the operating system on their Linux platform.

Since Win4Lin Pro leverages the Open Source QEMU architecture, Win4Lin product developers have also taken advantage of KQEMU, the free accelerator to QEMU by allowing Win4Lin Pro users to make use of the module. KQEMU provides both performance and compatibility capabilities that benefit the Win4Lin Pro user. In this release of the product there is now also full integration between the Linux and Windows filesystems for user documents and settings.

Using Win4Linâs high performance virtual computing environment (VCE), Win4Lin Pro runs Windows 2000 or Windows XP application with no change to the host operating system (e.g. no need to patch the Linux kernel). Win4Lin Pro runs as a Linux process, sharing the Linux memory and file system without yielding control to the Windows guest operating system.

"With this significant update to the Win4Lin Pro line, Win4Lin not only adds great new features, but now for the first time supports the full line of Windows desktop operating systems for business," said Jim Curtin, CEO of Win4Lin. "With XP support, organizations can now leverage the best of both worlds; the familiarity and investment in legacy Windows environments together with the security, reliability and compelling economics of Linux".
Pricing and Availability

Win4Lin Pro 1.1 is available immediately and at no cost to all users who have purchased Win4Lin Pro since its launch in February.

Registered users should follow this link to download Win4Lin 1.1: t&task=view&id=120&Itemid=153

To celebrate the release of Win4Lin Pro 1.1, the product is being offered at a special price of $119.99 until June 1, 2005 at which time the list price for the product will become $139.99.

For more information and to purchase, please visit:

Win4Lin Product Family

Other products in the Win4Lin family include Win4Lin 9Xâ¢, Win4Lin Terminal Server⢠and Win4Lin⢠Home. Win4Lin 9X (formerly Win4Lin 5) provides migration support for enterprise users moving from Windows to Linux by allowing the execution of applications that cannot be ported to Linux (i.e. missing source code, too expensive) with full support for networked environments. Win4Lin Home is a lightweight version of Win4Lin 9X that provides the standalone or home user with the ability to run needed Windows applications (like Quicken® and TurboTax®) on Linux. Win4Lin Terminal Server is the companyâs enterprise solution for delivering Windows applications on thin clients via a Linux server.

About Win4Lin

Win4Lin is a leader in technology for creating virtualization on Linux. With Win4Lin Virtual Computing Environment (VCE), the company supplies Fortune 500 enterprises, educational institutions and desktop users with solutions that allow them to run the Windows operating system and Windows applications on Linux in true Windows sessions.

Win4lin, Win4Lin Pro, Win4Lin 9X and Win4Lin Terminal Server are trademarks or registered trademarks of Win4Lin, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Contact Information:
Dan Perlman
VP, Marketing, Win4Lin


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