June 27, 2002

WinaXe Plus: Linux and Unix applications right on your Windows desktop

LabF.com has released WinaXe Plus 7.0 for Windows 95/8, NT, ME, XP and Windows 2000; X Server and SSH 2-Client for Microsoft Windows.
The power and reliability of Linux have made it a standard on many corporate networks, most of which use Linux and Unix servers for hosting their critical applications, while providing the ease of use and familiarity of Windows for their network users. The WinaXe Plus software allows both Windows and Linux to be run on the same desktop, at the same time, without having to reboot and without having to resort to emulation.

WinaXe Plus allows the user to work with any of their remote applications from inside the Windows desktop, and monitor, run and access them all, just as though they were sitting in front of their Linux/Unix box. Switching between the operating systems is as simple as switching between two Windows applications.

The software brings remote UNIX applications to the PC, each in a separate window, with no discernible differences between those located on the host or remote systems. Text and images may be cut, copied and pasted to and from applications simply by using the mouse, and data is passed between the different operating systems with ease. The WinaXe Plus package not only includes the powerful X server, but also other useful networking applications such as NFS Client / Server and an integrated SSH 2 Client for secure connections.

From the same country (Finland) that gave birth to the power of Linux comes the added flexibility of WinaXe Plus - a cost effective way of transforming the PC into a powerful X Window System workstation, and fully reaping all benefits of the respective operating systems. All that is needed is the WinaXe package and a standard networked Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000 or XP PC.

WinaXe Plus is priced at $100.00 (US) per single user licence. Further information and a free, fully featured trial version are available from http://LabF.com.

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