January 26, 2002

WinConnect allows Linux based terminals and appliances to run Windows applications

Author: JT Smith

From Anonymous Reader: Thin Computing Inc announces the launch of WinConnect, a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) 5.1 client for the Linux operating system.

WinConnect is a software solution that enables Linux-based PCs, terminals and Internet appliances, to connect to a Windows Server to run Windows applications over a network or via the Internet. WinConnect will even run on old 486 PCs and PDAs which normally do not have the sufficient processing power. The low bandwidth required by WinConnect will even allow a connection over a dial-up or wireless connection to access data and run Windows applications wherever the user needs it.

The launch of WinConnect is yet another testimony of Thin Computing?s total commitment to be continuously in the forefront of developing innovative thin computing solutions that effectively reduce the total cost of owning and maintaining computer systems.

Applications using WinConnect are extensive; especially where Total Cost of Ownership is of primary concern and remote access is required. WinConnect provides a bridge for users of Linux based operating systems who require access to Windows application software.

The main advantages in the adoption of WinConnect are:

Remote connection allows access to data and Windows applications wherever required.

Central processing means data is safer when stored on a central server.

A Linux-based client inherently allows low cost and high reliability, yet is able to access and run the latest Windows applications,

Even a 486 PC or PDA can run the latest Windows applications. WinConnect supports legacy hardware.

For the enterprise market: A Linux-based client connected to a Terminal server reduces maintenance and management cost. Hence a reduction of TCO.

WinConnect is ideal to the following user segments and markets:

Linux users: It enables Linux desktop users to access Windows applications.

IT professionals and educational market: WinConnect supports legacy hardware. Older computers can be converted to Linux-based terminals for additional lifespan.

Terminal and set-top-box manufacturers: Manufacturers can reduce cost by using free Linux in place of Windows CE.

PDA/handheld manufacturers: Wireless remote desktop, data and application access can open new markets.

Brad Justice, VP of Technology, said, ?The launch of WinConnect allows us to penetrate into both the Windows and Linux users' base. Users can now enjoy the best of both worlds; the reliability and low cost of Linux, yet able to continue the use of Windows applications. Together with BeTwin, which was launched in May of this year, we offer a comprehensive suite of thin computing solutions to both the Windows and Linux worlds."

WinConnect can be downloaded for a limited free trial or purchased online through our website at http://www.thincomputinginc.com.

About Thin Computing Inc

Thin Computing has developed a premium suite of cost effective thin computing solutions that significantly reduce the Total Cost of Ownership. Thin Computing's corporate office is located in Emeryville California where software development and support is maintained. These solutions marketed under the brand names "BeTwin" and "WinConnect" address the pervasive computing needs of individuals and organisations in the characteristically dynamic computing and communications environment. Thin Computing Inc is a fully owned subsidiary of IPC Corporation Ltd, a public listed company on the main board of the Singapore Exchange (SGX).

WinConnect is the latest addition to its premium suite of thin computing solution offerings.

For more information, please contact:

Mr Paul Meriwether
U.S. Sales Manager
Thin Computing Inc.
4770 San Pablo Ave, Unit A
Emeryville, CA 94608
Tel: 510-450-0865 Fax: 510-450-0173
Email: pmeriwether@thincomputinginc.com

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