Wind River: Getting Closer to the Network Virtualization Vision


Wind River today released its real-time Open Virtualization Profile software for Wind River Linux developed with open source Kernel-Based Virtual Machine (KVM).

From their blog:

“The Wind River Open Virtualization Profile is built on top of our Yocto Project Compatible Wind River Linux, and provides customers with an optimized preemptible KVM capable of quickly context switching between virtual machines (average response to interrupt from hardware to guest OS as low as under 3 microseconds), and an optimized virtual switching fabric that can deliver packets between guests as quickly as it can get, thanks to the integration with the Intel® Data Plane Development Kit.

Using Wind River Open Virtualization Profile, companies can build high performance virtual nodes, resulting in the consolidation of multiple physical legacy devices into powerful off-the-shelf multicore Intel blades….”

Read more at the Wind River blog.