January 27, 2015

Windows 10 Versus Linux

tuxWindows 10 seemed to dominate the headlines today, even in many Linux circles. Leading the pack is Brian Fagioli at betanews.com saying Windows 10 is ringing the death knell for Linux desktops. Microsoft announced today that Windows 10 will be free for loyal Windows users and Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols said it's the newest Open Source company. Then Matt Hartley compares Windows 10 to Ubuntu and Jesse Smith reviews Windows 10 from a Linux user's perspective.

Windows 10 was the talk around water coolers today with Microsoft's announcement that it would be free for Windows 7 and up users. Here in Linuxland, that didn't go unnoticed. Brian Fagioli at betanews.com, a self-proclaimed Linux fan, said today, "Windows 10 closes the door entirely. The year of the Linux desktop will never happen. Rest in peace." Fagioli explained that Microsoft listened to user complaints and not only addressed them but improved way beyond that. He said Linux missed the boat by failing to capitalize on the Windows 8 unpopularity and ultimate failure. Then he concluded that we on the fringe must accept our "shattered dreams" thanks to Windows 10.

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