June 16, 2003

Windows to Linux basics: Experts say a little Linux learning is enough for Windows shops

Michael S. Mimoso writes "Of course, Linuxphiles believe that Windows administrators need to learn about Linux. But do Windows experts think that's a lot of hooey? A little hooey perhaps, but there's a grain of truth there, too, according to Windows experts Serdar Yegulalp, Paul E. Hinsberg and Tony Northrup. In this interview, Yegulalp, Hinsberg and Northrup describe a bare-essentials Linux curriculum for Windows shops and administrators. All three are resident experts for either SearchWindowsManageability.com or SearchWin2000.com. Yegulalp is also editor of the "Windows 2000 Power Users Newsletter." Hinsberg is a consultant, technical trainer and author of several Windows technical publications. Northrup holds MCSE and CISSP certifications, among others, and is a principal engineer at Genuity Inc."

Link: searchEnterpriseLinux.com


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