February 27, 2002

Windows Media Player for Linux

Author: JT Smith

CodeWeavers today announced the release of CrossOver plugin 1.1 which now supports Windows Media Player 6.4 under Linux, in addition to the Windows Real Player, Macromedia's Authorware Web Player and Apple's QuickTime Player
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We are very happy to announce version 1.1 of CrossOver Plugin.

Version 1.1 adds a number of new plugins and features.  These
changes include:
    *  Windows Media Player Support
    *  Support for multiple user (root) installations
       (This is primarily intended to be used by site
        license customers; we still feel that the per user
        installation method is the safest and most robust
        for 'normal' users).

    *  Support for directly using True Type fonts
       This should allow the viewers to exactly reproduce
       .doc, .xls, and .ppt files just as they render under

    *  Support for the Windows Real Player
    *  Support for Macromedia Authorware Web Player
    *  Support for the Trillian messenging client
    *  Integrated support for Chime, VP3, ModPlug,
       and a range of other plugins that worked with
       1.0.1, but were awkward to install
    *  Support for Galeon, Skipstone
    *  Improved support for Konqueror and Opera
    *  A large number of bug fixes.

A complete change log is included at the bottom of this email
with further details.

All version 1.0.X customers can upgrade to 1.1 for free by
downloading the upgrade script at:


If you have problems with that script, please email us
at store@codeweavers.com.
I want to thank you once again for your business.  

Please contact us at support@crossover.codeweavers.com for
further help.  Please bear with us today; release days tend to
be very busy around here, but we will respond as soon as we can.

Best regards,

Jeremy White
CodeWeavers, Inc.

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 * CrossOver 1.1.0 - 2002/02/26

   Added support for Windows Media Player 6.4.
   Added support for the VP3 for QuickTime plugin.
   Added support for the iPIX plugin.
   Added support for the Chime plugin.
   Added support for the SkipStone browser.
   Added support for the Trillian messenging client.
   Added support for anti-aliased true-type fonts. Application-installed
         true-type fonts are automatically taken into account too.
   Added support for multi-user setups. You can now install CrossOver once
         for all the users on a system, and create an RPM package for=20
         pushing it to multiple systems.
   Improved the Opera support.
   Improved associations support, especially for Mandrake and SuSE systems.
   Improved PluginSetup so that you can now seamlessly download and install=
         applications. PluginSetup can also remove the installer files=20
         for you, thus freeing disk space.
   Prevented QuickTime from highjacking PNG images.
   Fixed a bug that would cause Mozilla to crash if plugins are=20
   Fixed printing in the Excel Viewer.
   Fixed handling of embedded URLs in the PowerPoint Viewer.
   Fixed a bug that prevented QuickTime from downloading extra codecs.
   Fixed a bug in Shockwave which prevented Defender, SissyFight and=20
         Habbo Hotel from working (among others).
   Fixed a bug which sometimes caused applications to be shown as=20
         'Not Installed' after they had been installed.
   Fixed the display problems that were occurring in QuickTime with=20
         the XFree86 3.3 SVGA server in 16bpp mode.
   Fixed the handling of relative paths in the scripts launching the=20
         QuickTime player and Microsoft Viewers.
   Fixed PluginSetup to make it possible to install Shockwave without=20
         having Netscape.
   Fixed PluginSetup so that it supports spaces in filenames.
   Improved launchurl so that it knows about more browsers. Launchurl=20
         can now be made to start any browser.
   Improved the support for launching browsers from applications.=20
         This fixes issues with some QuickTime channels.

 * CrossOver 1.0.1 - 2001/11/01

   Support for Powerpoint Viewer 97/2000.
   Support for ModPlug.
   Now available as a demo version.
   Better handling of xalf via a new LDPreload option.
   Fixed the 'XtDisplayToApplicationContext undefined symbol' that=20
         appeared with Mozilla 0.9.4 and later releases.
   Fixed an incompatibility with the SVGA driver of the XFree 86=20
   Fixed the title corruption that was occuring in QuickTimePlayer=20
         in 24bpp.
   Fixed the QuickTime plugin progress bar behavior in 24bpp.
   Fixed a clipboard related lockup that could happen during QuickTime
   Fixed the handling of file names containing spaces. Especially=20
         useful with the Microsoft viewers.
   Updated to the new QuickTime installer and fixed the installer=20
         update issues.
   Fixed the TechTV channel QuickTimePlayer freeze. All channels=20
         should work now.
   Added 'out-of-the-box' printing support.
   Added a quicktimeplayer.sh script to let you start the=20
         QuickTimePlayer from the command line.
   Added traces to make it easier to diagnose font problems.
   Added the regapi Wine tool and a script, regapi.sh to launch it=20
         more easily.
   Improved cleanup_crossover.sh to really kill all Wine processes.
   Improved winedbg support to help us better diagnose problems.
   Many other improvements in the PluginSetup interface, the=20
         documentation and various other bug fixes.

 * CrossOver 1.0 - 2001/08/28

   Initial release.
   Support for QuickTime 5.
   Support for Macromedia Shockwave Director 8.5.
   Support for Macromedia Flash 5.
   Support for Microsoft Word Viewer 97/2000.
   Support for Microsoft Excel Viewer 97/2000.


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