Windows Wish List

Anonymous Reader writes “Computing zealots rarely win many followers – as I need to periodically remind the more “enthusiastic” members of my Linux User Group. Windows has its place, so does Unix, so does MacOS. The ultimate goal of a computer user is to maximize functionality. Unfortunately, there simply isn’t the “perfect OS”.

Many articles have been written about how Linux could be made better. Those articles usually compare Linux to Windows with the arrogant assumption that Windows does “it†perfectly and in order for Linux to have more adoption it should model itself after Windows. In Windows, everyone out of the box is treated like a newbie. Someone with the ego of a Power User resents this treatment. On first boot, the user can’t do anything until they click the Start button. Now we know that a rat in a maze feels like. My purpose for writing this is to share a wish list of features that would make Windows more usable and less hated by the computing elite.”