March 28, 2001

WinXP Blade: Microsoft's plan to kill off Linux Web serversb server

Author: JT Smith

From The Register: "There is indeed more than meets the eye to Blade, the WinXP server edition
Microsoft introduced as a 'possibility' at WinHEC yesterday ... It's what they're designed to kill that's most interesting though -- it's Linux. And
maybe they're supposed to screw Intel over as well, but we'll get back to that.
Blade servers are intended to be cheap, slam-in-and-go boxes that Web hosting
operations can just peel off the roll (almost) and shove in whenever they need more
server capacity. Now, think about where Linux is really strong, and at the same time
think (fairly, mind) about how good Microsoft is at observing, defining and
analysing the competition."


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