November 15, 2001

WinXP: log on as admin if you want to play games, MP3s?

Author: JT Smith

From The Register: "Home users seem to be coming badly unstuck when tangling with the new security
features of Windows XP. Now it's possible for them to set up one account on their
machine with administrator rights, and lesser accounts for the kids, less significant
other, cat and so forth - but setting things so that the right people get access to the
right programs? Hmm, tricky...

The Windows XP Public Newsgroups are currently peppered with pleas for help on
the subject (and indeed with messages from people who just don't get WPA, but
that's another story). If they're used to any kind of security at all, in many cases it's
the Win9x system that does precious little beyond getting you used to the idea of
pointless multiple logins and passwords."

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