February 14, 2003

Wireless e-mail/PIM for Domino on Linux

SolutionPlanet writes "If you are running Lotus Domino on Linux and have been looking for a wireless email solution, you need to look no further.

You have now found mail-e-on-air which will let you leverage your existing platform (it runs on every Domino supported OS) without making you add a new NT/Win2000 server to enable wireless access to your Notes mail, calendar and tasks.
It will also adapt itself to your current set-up being able to present itself in six languages including Spanish, German and French as well as English.

By using standard WML mail-e-on-air support most internet enabled wireless devices.

To download a trial version or go through our online product demonstration or just find out more about the product go to http://mail-e-on-air.com"

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