November 13, 2003

Wireless Terminal Server for device networking

sena_marketing writes "Sena Technologies introduces the Linux-based wireless Terminal server "STS Series", to manage the RS232/422/485 based industrial equipment, retail and point-of-sale terminals, modems, servers, or any serial device over the network with advanced features such as TCP/UDP multicasting, Security, PCMCIA, and Data logging.

        The STS Series supports an enhancement transmission method "TCP/UDP multicasting", which automatically broadcasts same serial data to 32 remote destinations simultaneously. This feature is very useful in applications where user needs to transmit a message to several display signboard devices simultaneously; send control information to many PLCs simultaneously. Moreover, flow control options such as Hardware RTS/CTS, and Software Xon/Xoff can control the amount of serial data to be transmitted between STS Series and serial devices.

        The unit runs the embedded Linux Operating system and facilitates user customization using command-line interface or one of several prepared scripts, using UNIX / Linux commands. It is based on system-on-chip processor that includes a 32-bit PowerPC core processor, embedded web server, 64MB of SDRAM, 8MB of Flash memory and RISC engine designed to perform communication tasks efficiently.

        For secure data communication between a serial device and Remote PC hosts, SSLv3, TLSv1, RC4 encryption and IP filtering features are provided. In addition to security, Terminal Server provides the benefit of both in-band and out-of-band management, ensuring that connected serial devices are always accessible, even when the network fails. Out-of-band is provided with dial-in access through a modem connection, In-band is with 10/100 Base-TX Ethernet network, and Dynamic DNS protocol facilitates a static host name to the STS Series.

        Featuring a PCMCIA slot for enhanced functionality, the STS series supports LAN/Wireless LAN card to access another network, PSTN/CDMA card for phone-line connection, and Flash Memory card for storage. Further more, Serial device data can be stored in internal memory (RAM), a syslog server, or to an NFS server. Ready to rack mount in 8 or 16 port formats and fully-managed via web, console or SNMP, the STS series is the 1U solution for serial device integration in process control based applications.

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