Wireless USB connects Flash Drives

Linux Enthusiast writes “In case you missed our CES debut in Las Vegas.

Memsen (www.memsen.com) is developing the world’s first Wireless USB Flash Drive, yes, that’s right…with one click P2P file sharing capability. We patented this device along with a complimentary media and digital entertainment/advertising platform in early 2001. The concept has survived and matured with the help of many bright and talented engineers that have layed the foundation for a mobile file sharing platform that has no competitors. Think about what this means to the owners of legacy USB memory keys…the problem with those is that they are only useful when plugged into a PC. Memsen has created the technology based on Ultrawideband and Wireless USB that will free those files from the dusty storage prison of the PC, and allow people to use that information and share it – on location – real time.

How about using the same Click n’ Share keychain coming soon from Memsen to acquire video, music, games, Company and Product information, promotions, etc. from Outdoor sources….part of our Memsen platform includes what we call the DataVendor…..

Not only will you be able to share files among business associates and friends, but it would be great to get info you deem important from advertising sources employing our Datavendor technology. It is the first device and system that will truly connect brick and mortor advertising to deep web content specifically tailored to your needs.”

Link: memsen.com