September 22, 2002

Wiresoft Firegate® Server Customers Receive Linux

Seattle, Washington â September 23, 2002 Wiresoft Net, Inc. announced today the integration of a new Linux kernel into its Firegate® Server, exemplifying the companyâs goal of delivering highly-secure and reliable Linux and Open Source Software by carefully choosing each system component. Wiresoftâs Automated Network Agent (ANA) will provide kernel upgrades to all Firegate Servers free of charge and without burdening IT staff.

âThis represents a significant upgrade to the Firegate Server operating system. We are very selective about upgrades, but viewed the features available in the newer kernel to be well tested and important enough to warrant the change. We are particularly excited about the expanded security features and new hardware support,â stated Ovid Stavrica, Wiresoftâs co-founder and Chief Technology Officer.

âMost customers purchase Firegate as a means of affordably acquiring state-of-the-art network security. The new kernel will provide more firewall protection as well as improved speed, resource utilization, and scalability,â according to Stavrica.

In the Linux development community there are two streams of kernel development. One stream contains stable releases and introduces new features and drivers only after thorough testing. The other stream contains "development" releases and introduces cutting edge developments such as untested hardware drivers and file-systems. For mission critical applications, it is highly recommended that the stable releases be used and the development kernels avoided.

âThe kernel has been tested thoroughly and now meets our rigorous standards for release to business users, who are more concerned with system stability than being on the bleeding edge of innovation. To provide our customers the functionality they need with the most stable and reliable system possible, Wiresoft is more stringent than the development community at large when defining what is ready for release in the Firegate Server,â stated Stavrica.

To provide a cost effective means for Firegate users to acquire the benefits of upgrades, Wiresoft provides for free its ANA update service. As a result, all Firegate Servers in operation today will receive the updates automatically. ANA also delivers system optimization, intrusion detection, system monitoring, data storage and recovery, and administrator alerting services for a subscription fee.

âThis is a great example of how our ANA Management Service helps companies reduce maintenance time and costs, in this case with system upgrades and integration. In fact, customers interviewed by Wiresoft report spending between 3 and 5 hours per week per server updating and upgrading systems. With ANAâs capabilities, we have truly transformed Firegate into a self-managing, self-evolving server platform. The cost and time burden that ANA removes from IT staff cannot be overstated,â concluded Stavrica.

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