May 30, 2003

WISCORE releases CPLD for its ARM7/uClinux evaluation kit

James Hsu writes "Taipei, Taiwan, May 29, 2003 - Committing to providing customers with strong support and service, WISCORE Inc. today announces a new CPLD daughter board available to customers worldwide. The CPLD daughter board is specially designed for NET-Start!, an ARM7/uClinux embedded system evaluation kit available to international customers a year ago.

The CPLD daughter board features a Xilinx XC95288XL CPU, a JTAG port, a 7-segment LED, a clock generator, 4 LED Displays, 4 push buttons, 4 slide switches, and a parallel port. With all these ports and components, users may implement comprehensive circuit simulation through CPLD daughter board, making NET-Start! a robust and complete evaluation kit.

The marketing director of WISCORE said, "We released NET-Start! evaluation kit to customers a year ago, and we foresaw customer would need a extensible card, so we decided to develop a CPLD daughter board. Looking back, our analysis was correct, NET-Start! CPLD packet is the best-seller among our evaluation kit product line, and customers love it. Especially when we launched a NET-Start! sales promotion to international customers, we received many enquiries and feedbacks, some customers asked us to provide embedded system design or consulting service, others asked us to provide extensible card for NET-Start! To fit customer demands, we release the CPLD daughter board to international customers

The new CPLD daughter board is perfectly compatible with NET-Start!. It can help customers save R&D budget, shorten new product development cycle, and possess the time-to-market strength. The CPLD daughter board is the proof that NET-Start! is indeed a highly flexible and extensible evaluation kit, besides, the CPLD daughter board makes the NET-Start! an uncommon evaluation kit, for only several embedded system evaluation kits in the world are equipped with CPLDs.

Customer already had NET-Start! evaluation kit can buy a CPLD daughter board to enjoy the completeness of NET-Start!. CPLD daughter board can also be available in NET-Start! CPLD packet. For customers¡¦ convenience, inside the NET-Start! CPLD packet, WISCORE provides detailed English manual and every component for development.


The NET-Start! evaluation kit is now available at


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