May 6, 2003

WISCORE Releases New NET-Start! ARM7TDMI Evaluation kit

Muxaul J. Lai writes "Taipei, Taiwan, May 5, 2003 ¡V WISCORE Inc. releases the new NET-Start! ARM7TDMI evaluation kit to international customers. NET-Start! evaluation kit is an ARM based embedded Linux evaluation kit designed to address the needs for corporate R&D teams, developers, instructors, and students. The outstanding performance and economical feature have already made NET-Start! the NO.1 ARM based evaluation kit in Taiwan.

Employing the Samsung S3C4510B ARM7 CPU as its core and embedded Linux as its operation system, NET-Start! possesses excellent performance with cost-effective strength. Furthermore, to bring our customers most flexibility and convenience, WISCORE provides uClinux 2.0.38 / 2.4.19 source and binary image, preinstalled uClinux kernel, thus customers could easily develop application to fit their own demands immediately. NET-Start! is also a complete evaluation kit with high level of performance, extensibility and connectivity, NET-Start! has build-in 16MB SDRAM, 2 MB Flash memory, on Board internet interface, extensible I/O interface, two RS232 serial ports, RJ-45 10/100 Base-T Ethernet interface, and JTAG connector. To save customers' time and reduce development cost, WISCORE provides all the components needed, including cables, power supply, software CD ROM, and user's manual.

With all the hardware and software required, NET-Star! is a practical choice for developing ARM based devices, including Internet Appliance (IA), Networked Personal Gadgets (NPG). NET-Start! can facilitate our customers with infinite R&D strength, shortening new product development cycle, helping our customers to be first-movers in the market, and bringing maximum value to them.

The NET-Start! evaluation kit is now available at

WISCORE Inc., an embedded Internet appliances design and service center, specializes in SoC system integration and embedded system development. Our headquarters now locates in Taipei. WISCORE's business activities mainly consist of a wide range of embedded system integration development services and consulting service.

WISCORE's core competence lies in design and R&D capability, most of our manpower are experienced R&D engineers. We have successfully helped our clients stand out in market place by our superior solutions in past years.

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