July 5, 2001

Woo-hoo! IEEE Spectrum magazine now available

Author: JT Smith

joabj writes, "I can't tell you how happy this makes the geek in me!! Spectrum, the IEEE trade magazine for electrical engineers is, IMHO, the best general technology magazine being published, far more accurate, in-depth, and hype-free than Wired or even M.I.T. Technology Review. (for proof, check out this feature on digital radio.) The trouble is you had to be an IEEE member to recieve it, which involved getting an engineering degree, passing a test to get into the association, and THEN paying $170 a year for dues just to get the damn thing. Either that or read it at the library (like I did), or pick over whatever few free articles are posted on the IEEE site. But now (or sometime in the past few weeks, anyway), IEEE has opened Spectrum up for anyone who coughs up $39.95 for the annual subscription fee. Great news for us self-learners."
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