January 26, 2007

Word 2007: The Missing Manual

James Pyles writes "This is my first foray into reviewing a "Missing Manual" so naturally I wanted to find out what makes this book series different (the series
title always reminds me of Steve Ditko's "
The Missing Man
" which is probably his most obscure work...but I digress). The answer comes on the back of each book in the series:
"People learn best when information is engaging, clearly written, and funny. Unfortunately, most computer books read like dry catalogs.
That's why I (David Pogue) created the Missing Manuals. They're entertaining, unafraid to state when a feature is useless or doesn't work
right and--oh by the way--written by actual writers.
" Ok, question one answered. Let's see how the book stacks up to the promotion.

The first thing that caught my eye was "The Missing CD-ROM" (look inside the back cover...I'm not kidding). After congratulating me for saving
five dollars (the cost of including a cd), I was directed to www.missingmanuals.com to register my book and to
click on the Missing CD-ROM icon (which is really on O'Reilly's site). To my surprise, there were quite a few links on the Missing CD-ROM page.
Nope, you don't get access to a free version of Word 2007 but there are a number of freeware and shareware extras you can lay your (virtual)
hands on."

Link: mcseworld.com

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