WordPerfect 8 for Linux Redux?

What’s available in Corels’ WordPerfect 8 Linux and how can you get it?

Since late last year, Corel quietly has been offering a WordPerfect 8 Linux program on its eBay Corel Store site. I found out about this only when a
Corel WP8/Linux newsgroupie reported finding a curious comment about WP8 while searching the Corel support site for some information.

I thought the software, like the other surplus applications listed on the Corel Store site, was old WP8 Personal Edition. I already had WP8 Personal
Edition and WP8.1, the later version that came with Corel Linux Deluxe, and needed another copy like a hole in the head. After some other newsgroupies
reported their conversations with Corel customer service, however, I was curious enough to order one. Apparently, I got the last one too, as the
listing disappeared shortly after I ordered, much to the distress of other Corel WP8/Linux newsgroup readers. People interested in getting a copy can
check the eBay Corel Store site for availability.

Link: linuxjournal.com


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