Working on Linux 4.2 – The Kernel Column


 Linus Torvalds announced the first Linux 4.1 release candidate kernel saying, “no earth-shattering new features come to mind, even if initial support for ACPI on arm64 looks funny. Depending on what you care about, your notion of ‘big new feature’ may differ from mine, of course. There’s a lot of work all over and it might just make a big difference to your use cases.†New features in Linux 4.1 include the new ‘simple persistent memory’ driver (which enhances support for Non-Volatile Memory devices), support for single user-only systems where support for multiple users is configured out (for very small embedded systems that don’t have resources and need to save 25 KB of RAM), and support for filesystem-level encryption in ext4. The subsequent RCs add a few fixes, including one “so old that I almost thought if it’s been broken since 2011, and you only noticed now, maybe it could have waited.â€

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