June 6, 2001

Workstation Solutions announces SuSE support for Quick Restore

Author: JT Smith

Workstation Solutions, a leader in innovative data protection software, today announced new Windows and Linux platform support for its Quick Restore backup and recovery software. This broadened platform support extends the quick implementation, easy operation, and comprehensive scope of Quick Restore across Microsoft Windows 2000, UNIX, and Linux operating environments. The company also announced new Quick Restore features to improve performance, extend firewall support, control DLT tape format, and support newly available tape libraries from leading vendors.
Quick Restore Supports Windows 2000
Quick Restore Version 2.7.4 supports Windows 2000 platforms, which is growing in favor as an enterprise server choice. Microsoft's improvements to the performance and reliability of Windows 2000 have encouraged more data center managers to select it as an enterprise operating system environment. As companies increasingly rely on Windows 2000 platforms for mission-critical applications, there is a growing need for powerful and reliable backup software, such as Quick Restore, to protect this vital data.

Extended Linux Support
This new version of Quick Restore extends Workstation Solutions' early support of Linux platforms to the newest version of SuSE Linux, Release 7.1. The most recent release of the popular operating system includes the new 2.4 kernel. IDC has cited Linux as the fastest-growing operating system for servers, with a 24 percent increase in sales between 1999 and 2000. SuSE Linux offers a robust, scalable, and comprehensive platform for enterprises, especially for e-commerce and Web server needs and Quick Restore offers high performance backup and restore capabilities for Linux operating environments. Workstation Solutions was the first to offer an enterprise-ready Linux-based backup server.

"IT managers face the difficult challenge of managing increasingly complex data centers with a multitude of operating system platforms and diverse applications, and insuring that the right data is always available," explained Jim Ward, president of Workstation Solutions. "Data protection software should provide support for multiplatform environments and offer an easy-to-implement remedy to insure the safety and availability of this vital information. Quick Restore 2.7.4 does this across the environments of choice in large enterprises."

Quick Restore is based on the Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP), an open standard that enables interoperability among NAS server platforms and backup applications. It uses NDMP for local or remote backup of NAS systems to industry-leading tape drives and libraries.

Extended Firewall Support
Quick Restore has added the ability to backup and recover clients that exist on the unsecured side of a firewall, allowing the software to easily adapt to infrastructures with unsecured clients in the administrative domain.

DLT Tape Format Controls
Quick Restore now provides increased control over DLT tape format. This adds new flexibility to adapt to an enterprise?s infrastructure by providing another option when configuring backup solutions to meet user specifications.

Tape Library Support Added
Workstation Solutions has added support for the latest technology in tape libraries. These include:
* Breece Hill Q70, Q140, and Q210

* Qualstar TLS-68120
* StorageTek L209

Quick Restore's support of these new devices provides companies with the ability to select the newest and most up-to-date storage devices available on the market today. Quick Restore also supports Exabyte Mammoth-2 8mm tape drive, HP SureStore DLT Libraries 2/20, 4/40, 6/60, Spectra Logic Gator series, ADIC Scalar AIT 220 and Scalar 1000 Libraries, Qualstar TLS-Series 412180, 412300, 412360, and 412600 Libraries, StorageTek 7430 Tape Library, and Compaq SSL2000 Series.

About Workstation Solutions
Workstation Solutions provides the Quick Restore enterprise backup and recovery software to Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies, e-businesses, and ISPs, such as Advanced Micro Devices, Boeing, Department of Defense, Genome Therapeutics, Intel, Johns Hopkins, Motorola, and NASA. Quick Restore protects data on heterogeneous networks of NAS, UNIX, Linux, and Windows systems. Workstation Solutions was an early adopter of the NDMP protocol and is a leader in the NDMP Working Group of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), defining the architecture and standardization of NDMP. Ward is a co-author of the NDMP V4 Specification submitted to the IETF. Visit www.worksta.com.

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