June 28, 2001

World Unix editor contest ends in brawl

Author: JT Smith

From the humor site, Segfault: "Five people were hospitalized and over a hundred suffered scrapes and bruises when the
World Unix Editor Contest, held yesterday in Finland, ended in an all-out slugfest ... As the judges considered the two finalists, wordless tension mounted in the audience. The
tension finally broke in an incident following an observation by judge unixhacker@cs.unl.edu
that emacs includes better mouse support. Judge backslash@orb.freesoft.org quickly
retorted, 'But would a hard-core Unix user even want mouse support?' At this point, an
unidentified member of the audience shouted, 'You tell 'em! I would throw my mouse away
if it would save me from using emacs!' "


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