April 25, 2004

World of Warcraft Linux petition to Blizzard

There is a petition online that is aiming to gather 20,000 Linux users willing to buy World of Warcraft and play for full year with a monthly subscription.The petition is for Blizzard and VUGames to make a Mac OS X-to-Linux port of World of Warcraft. Mac OS X is unix-based which means it is viable to create a Linux-native version of the game as a PC/Mac/Linux hybrid.

Sam Lantinga, ex Loki Games employee who used to port mac games to Linux, and better known as the author of the SDL api is Software Engineer of World of Warcraft. We heard that the engineer of Quake and Doom is also an employee of World of Warcraft. Quake and Doom have a Linux port. Furthermore, a Blizzard Employee just said in their forums at Battle.net that World of Warcraft Server has a Dual-processor and runs on .... Linux OS ^_^

All we need is to gather 20,000 Linux users before we get to send the petition officially. With high numbers is the strength. The port could be viable if there is enough customers. The real reason of the petition, though is that World of Warcraft is seen to be the #1 MMORPG to dethrone Everquest and StarWars Galaxies. Themis Group announced the MMORPG industry would earn $4.3 billion dollars by 2008. The MMORPG at the top of the list supplied was ... World of Warcraft.

Link: learninglinux.com


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