November 30, 2005

WorldForge Celebrates its 7th Anniversary

Alistair Riddoch writes "In November 1998, the Altima project was announced on slashdot with the intention of being the GPL equivalent of Ultima Online. About a year later under a new name and with the new goal of creating the first MMORPG engine as Free Software, the WorldForge project became more recognisable as it is today.

Seven years down the line the hard working members of the project have persevered through trolls, skeptics, changes of leadership, slashdotting and worse to create over one million lines of code and nearly four gigabytes of media. There have been over twenty thousand software package downloads from the sourceforge download site and there are often up to ten servers available for public access at peak times.

To mark the event we have released a new demo of our development game Mason. The eventual goal of Mason is to allow players to build complex structures like houses, castles and ultimately mechanisms and machines from door locks to siege engines. Mason 0.3 includes the latest versions of the two clients in development, Ember and Sear, and the prototype server and AI engine Cyphesis. The demo features a rendered 3D world with an advanced procedural terrain engine, NPCs with novel artificial intelligence, resource gathering and simple combat in a living, growing world.

To improve communications between developers and the community, the WorldForge project are proud to announce two new sites. The WorldForge Development blog where articles and announcements will be posted about the latest WorldForge development, and the WorldForge Development forums where members of the community can meet and discuss topics such as online gaming, game design and world building.

Client and Server software for Mason can be downloaded at the WorldForge site, including full source code, binaries for Linux and Windows and complete media are all available under Free Software licenses."

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