January 30, 2001

Worlds collide at Linux-on-the-Hudson

Author: JT Smith

LinuxWorld has a column previewing the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, oddly enough. "At the show, the Linux story will continue to be told as a
tale of two platforms, with movement on the server side continuing to outpace desktop
advances. Many of the key additions to the new Linux 4.2 kernel play to the server
crowd, and the kernel is thus likely to be near the center of attention.
As major Linux software efforts can be divided into desktop and server camps, suppliers can likewise be
placed in two broad categories: specialty Linux startups, and established vendors that have just recently
caught the Linux bug. The former group is under pressure to demonstrate that open source enthusiasm can
translate into profitable businesses. The latter group, which can shield its Linux software ramp-up costs
under a wider umbrella, has the means to garner attention at the show, and much of this group's activity will
be server-related."


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