November 13, 2003

World`s Fastest 64-bit Compilers for Linux Clusters

On November 18, PathScale will announce a suite of high-performance compilers for the AMD Opteron processor. PathScale compilers leverage the
Opterons high-performance 64-bit functionality and remarkable industry-leading price/performance benefits. Initial benchmarks on real application
code and submitted SPEC results show that the PathScale Compiler Suite is the highest performance compiler for 64-bit Linux-based Opteron servers.

According to analysts, the market need is clear for a balanced, high-performance 64-bit, fully-supported Opteron compiler. There is very strong HPC
end-user interest in AMD Opteron-based servers. The added performance of the PathScale Compiler Suite will increase this interest and make Opteron the
preferred choice for Linux cluster servers, altering the balance of power in the competition between AMD and Intel in the high-performance 64-bit market.

The PathScale compiler suite is based on stable, mature technology developed over a ten-year period by SGI, generally considered to be one of the most
advanced 64-bit compiler code bases in the industry. The PathScale compiler development team is led by Dr. Fred Chow, formerly chief scientist at SGI,
and recognized as one of the worlds leading authorities on compiler technology.

In both floating point and integer-intensive performance benchmarks, PathScale compilers substantially out-performed competitive compiler offerings.
Unlike other compilers that provide optimization for either floating point or integer (but not both), PathScale compilers deliver balanced performance
results for floating point and integer computations as measured by SPEC and real applications codes.

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