March 8, 2006

World's Smallest Diskless Thin Client Debuts

Symbio Technologies writes "New Rochelle, NY--March 7, 2006--Symbio Technologies has introduced the world’s smallest diskless thin client to its product line. Called the SYM1110 , it is the size of a trade paperback, weighs just 1 kilogram (2.2 lbs.), displays 24 bit color and a resolution of up to1600x1200. Consuming just 5 watts of electricity, the SYM1110 is also environmentally friendly and the perfect replacement for aging PCs and green screen workstations.

“The SYM1110 combines all the advantages of diskless thin client technology in one very small package,” said Symbio Technologies’ co-founder Roger Del Russo. “By removing everything from the inside of the network terminal—even the embedded operating system that traditional thin clients rely upon—we can provide our customers years of trouble-free, server-centric computing that is secure, reliable, powerful, and affordable.” When connected to a server, diskless thin clients offer end users a computing experience that is similar to that of a desktop personal computer at a fraction of the maintenance costs.

The SYM1110 includes these features:

  • An easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) that can be modified by the network administrator
  • Designed for a network-centric computing environment
  • No moving parts (hard drive or fan) that may break
  • No embedded software that may become corrupted
  • Allows end users to toggle between Linux and Windows applications
  • Supports Windows Terminal Services (RDP), Citrix (ICA), Linux/Unix (X), TN5250/AS400, and IBM3270 clients
  • LTSP and K12LTSP compatible
  • PXE booting
  • Support for 802.11g wireless connections
  • Front speaker and microphone jacks
  • 128MB of DDR RAM
  • A 1-year warranty (3 and 5 year available)

“The SYM1110 is ideal for schools, libraries, and enterprise customers such as health care facilities, travel agencies, call centers and government agencies that want to buy computer workstations once and not have to worry about fixing or replacing them for a long time,” said Gideon Romm, Symbio Technologies’ CTO and co-founder. “With nothing inside to break or become obsolete, you just set them and forget them.”

About Symbio Technologies

Symbio Technologies is an innovator in server-centric diskless thin client systems. It develops and markets client hardware and server software that enable network terminals (diskless thin clients) to connect to applications housed on servers running a wide variety of terminal protocols, including Windows Terminal Services, Citrix, Linux/Unix, and IBM 3270. The company's products are designed to reduce the costs and concerns of IT administration by eliminating PCs, the most troublesome and costly components of computer networks. Symbio Technologies markets to business, education, library, and government users through an international network of resellers in the U.S., Canada, Chile, Israel, Mexico, South Africa, and the U.K."

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