October 19, 2006

World's smallest PXA290 SOM

Strategic Test writes "Strategic Test announces World’s smallest ‘Monahans P’ (PXA290) embedded SOM

Measures only 67.6 x 26 x 4.2 mm. Uses only 2 mW in sleep mode.

Woburn, USA – October 18, 2006. Strategic Test has announced the World’s smallest Intel/Marvel ‘Monahans P’ System on Module (SOM). Called the TRITON-290, it measures just 67.6 x 26 x 4.2 mm (2.6” x 1” x 0.16”) and contains an 806 MHz PXA290 processor coupled with 64 MB SDRAM and 128 MB Flash. The module uses a 200 pin SODIMM connector and has an extended temperature range of –25 degree C to +85 degree C. First shipments are slated to start in November, together with a complete Development Kit running Linux 2.6.17 and Microsoft Windows CE 5.0.

Using 1.8 V ultra low power memory, the module consumes only 2 mW in sleep mode. As with the PXA270 and PXA255 TRITON modules, the TRITON-290 includes a high-efficiency programmable CPU power supply that, together with Intel Wireless SpeedStep® Power Manager Technology ensures minimum power consumption while maintaining the highest levels of processor performance.

Other notable features include: RoHS lead-free compliance, 16-bit A/A/D multiplexed external memory interface so that additional memory can be placed on the carrier board and a DS1339 Real Time Clock. The module can be driven by a single 3.3 V to 5 V power supply and includes a regulator onboard to supply 3.3 V components located on the carrier board to further simplify carrier design.

The TRITON-290 uses a 200-pin SODIMM connector to bring out most of the PXA290’s internal signals. Through a combination of software and firmware, the user is able to choose from one of seven different signal mappings to obtain the required processor features. These peripherals include: Mobile Scalable Link (a new Intel technology designed for high-speed serial data exchange between handsets and mobile devices), Quick Capture Interface, USB 1.1 Host, USB 2.0 Client, PWM (4), 4-bit SD I/O, USIM card, keypad controller, UART (3), AC97/I2C, SSP (3), enhanced LCD controller for direct connection to a display, I2C and JTAG.

About Strategic Test:
With offices in Woburn (MA) USA and Stockholm Sweden, Strategic Test is a leading supplier worldwide of Intel/Marvel PXA255 and PXA270 Development Kits and embedded processor modules. The company released the world’s first PXA255 embedded CPU module in 2002 and followed this with the first PXA270 SOM in 2004. The company offers custom design services to clients worldwide.

A picture can be downloaded from the website at

Caption: TRITON-290 World’s smallest ‘Monahans P’ SODIMM module runs Linux and Windows CE

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