January 5, 2005

The worst IT company managers of 2004

Author: Chris Preimesberger

Yesterday we noted that Linus Torvalds of the Open Source Development Labs was recognized by a BusinessWeek for his managerial prowess, and that a couple of other IT company managers also received some well-deserved recognition in the world of CEOs.

This made us think about who ITMJ might select as outstanding IT company managers of 2004, based on company performance, perceived leadership ability, and success in the marketplace. Our list was posted here yesterday.

We also promised that we would supply our own Worst IT Company Manager list, based on company performance in 2004, inane things said to media people, lack of success in the marketplace, and other criteria. So here it is, our first annual ITMJ Worst IT Company Manager list, in no particular order:

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