August 7, 2003

Would you like fries with that IP?

- by Joe Barr -
Veteran journalist Nicholas Petreley is offering an add-on license to SCO's recently announced Linux IP license on his website. For a mere $4,000.00, users can purchase an annual license which certifies them as being "stupid enough to fall for the SCO IP license."

Details about the licensing scheme are sparse at the moment, but judging
from the reaction of readers on his site, Petreley may have found the
goose that lays the golden egg. This new model for making money from
open source differs somewhat from those previously suggested by Eric
Raymond in his book "The Cathedral & the

Petreley asserts that his license is a prerequisite to purchasing the
SCO Linux license and suggests that you not even talk to The SCO Group
about their Linux license until you have one of his in your hands. I
would caution readers, however, that the "stupidity
license" fails to indemnify users from claims of third-party stupidity,
so you may want to sit down for a long discussion with a high-priced
lawyer before you sign on the dotted line.


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