May 25, 2001

wxDesigner 2.5 released

Author: JT Smith

A new version of wxDesigner has seen the light of the
day, version 2.5 to be exact.
wxDesigner is a commercial RAD tool for the Open Source
cross-platform C++ library wxWindows (and its Python and
Perl bindings). It lets you create dialogs, application
skeletons, event, getters and classes quickly and includes
a syntax-highlighting text editor, a bitmap editor and
some other goodies.

New in version 2.5 is support for menus and menu events
as well as many dozens of smaller enhancements and bug
fixes. wxDesigner is now also available for IRIX, in
addition to Windows, Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD with
work being done to get wxDesigner working on the Mac
as well.

wxDesigner 2.5 is available from

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