X11R6.6 released by X.Org


Author: JT Smith

Menlo Park, CA., April 25, 2001 – X.Org, the global consortium empowered to develop, stabilize, maintain,
and promote the X Window System technology and standard, announces today the release of X11R6.6. This
release includes 86 code fixes and new features, including: integration of Compaq Computer Corporation’s
AccessX client and server-side code, the first installment of Sun Microsystems’ internationalization (xi18n)
code, critical fixes to Xprint, and correction of “free” license and copyright statements to ensure “permission
to distribute” for all files. This release uses X.Org’s “FastTrack” process, making released software immediately
available to the entire community. It is available for public download April 25, 2001, at http://www.X.Org.

This release is dedicated to our community of users–who prove the growing relevance and awareness of this
fundamental technology in today’s network age.

About The X Window System

The X Window System is judged worldwide to be one of the most successful open source, collaborative
technologies developed to date. It is the de facto standard graphical engine for the UNIX and Linux operating
systems and provides the only common windowing environment bridging the heterogeneous platforms in
today’s enterprise computing. The inherent independence of the X Window System from operating system and
hardware, its network-transparency, and its support for a wide range of popular desktops are responsible for its
continuing and growing popularity. All major hardware vendors support the X Window System. Many third
parties provide technologies for integrating X Window System applications into network or personal computer
environments under DOS, Windows, Windows 9x, and Windows NT, while thousands of independent software
developers provide X Window System applications. The world-wide community of users of the X Window
System currently exceeds 30 million.

About X.Org

X.Org’s mission is to provide stewardship of the X Window System standards and technology for its global
community of distributors, developers, and users. X.Org policy is defined and executed exclusively by its
members. X.Org membership is fee-based. X.Org activities are focused in Task Forces whose membership is
open to all interested participants. Task Force information is available at http://www.X.Org. All X.Org
activities are supported by contributed effort and funded by membership fees.Members include some of the
leading computing companies in the world–including Compaq Computer Corporation (NYSE: “CPQ”),
Hewlett-Packard Company (NYSE: “HWP”), Hummingbird Ltd. (NASDAQ: “HUMC”), International
Business Machines Corporation (NYSE: “IBM”), SGI (NYSE: “SGI”), Sun Microsystems Inc. (NASDAQ 100:
“SUNW”), as well as the XFree86 Project. A complete list of members is also available at http://www.X.Org.
X.Org’s operations are facilitated by The Open Group.

The current X.Org release of the X Window System is available for download at http://www.X.Org.

Note to editors: UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the US and other countries. LINUX is a
registered trademark of Linus Torvalds. “XFree86″ is a trademark of The XFree86 Project, Inc. All company
names are trademarks of the registered owners.”