August 4, 2003

Xandros and Addison UK Truck Linux to Schools

New York, August 4, 2003 - Xandros, Inc., provider of the award-winning Xandros
Desktop, and Addison UK, a London-based computer solutions provider, today
announced that they have teamed up to take the Xandros Desktop on the Linux
Roadshow van to schools throughout the United Kingdom.

One of the first stops on the tour was Warwick School for Boys in Walthamstow
East London, where Donald Gonzales, the school's IT manager, was keen to examine
alternatives to Microsoft Windows.

"We were plagued by high license costs and the unreliability of our previous
suite," said Mr. Gonzales, "so we asked Addison to show us some alternatives."
The students needed Internet access, an office suite, database facilities, and
media programs. After a demonstration of five Linux operating systems, Mr.
Gonzales found that the Xandros solution was the best match for the school's
requirements: "What I found most impressive was the Xandros File Manager. Within
minutes of hooking up the Xandros PC we could see and access the whole of our
school network without any complicated input whatsoever."

Following the successful trial, Addison installed a complete Xandros solution at
Warwick. The ã18,000 suite is comprised of one server and 25 new workstations
with 17" tft monitors. The workstations run Xandros 1.1 and the server runs
Xandros 1.0.

"The educational market presents a huge opportunity for the Xandros Desktop,"
said Dr. Frederick H. Berenstein, Co-Chairman of Xandros, "and we're delighted
to team up with such an innovative advocate as the Addison Linux Roadshow. These
days there's hardly a school in the world that can't benefit from an alternative
to high-priced Windows machines. Xandros is that alternative."

# # #

Addison UK is an East London computer solutions provider that delivers cost
effective file servers and desktops to primary and secondary schools, using
software provided by Xandros and other Linux vendors, at a fraction of the price
of Microsoft Windows. The Addison Linux Roadshow is a traveling demonstration of
Linux solutions, provided as a free service to UK schools. For more information,
please visit the Addison web site at

Xandros is the leading developer of cost-effective, installation-friendly,
Linux-based operating environments offering Windows compatibility and
unparalleled technical support.

Xandros brings to market a complete solution that gives businesses, governments,
and schools all over the world access to affordable computers and software. For
more information, please visit or call 212-699-3625.

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