July 29, 2003

Xandros Announces $100,000.00 LinuxWorld Giveaway

Steve Harris writes "Xandros, Inc., provider of the award-winning Xandros Desktop, today announced a $100,000.00 giveaway of Xandros Desktop Deluxe to attendees of the San Francisco LinuxWorld convention, August 5-7, 2003.

The first 1,012 LinuxWorld visitors to have their badges scanned at the Xandros booth R-10 will receive absolutely free, a complete boxed version of Xandros Desktop Deluxe. "This is the fully registered version, complete with printed user guide," said Dr. Frederick H. Berenstein, Co-Chairman of Xandros. "Even though the Xandros team has been together since 1999, we're still perceived as the new kid on the block, so we decided to make a splash at our LinuxWorld debut."

Xandros Desktop leverages the performance and reliability of Linux to create a secure desktop that seamlessly integrates with existing enterprise environments, where compatibility and ease of use are essential requirements. Its benefits include:

- Simple five-step graphical installation

- Integrated partition management

- Familiar look and feel

- Best-of-breed Xandros-engineered applications

- Compatibility with the popular Microsoft file formats

Xandros Desktop is the only Linux distribution to provide secure login authentication against Windows domain controllers, and its powerful file manager provides instant file sharing between local Linux and Windows computers, as well as with networked Windows clients.

For more information, please visit www.xandros.com or call 212-699-3625.

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Xandros is the leading developer of cost-effective, installation-friendly, Linux-based operating environments offering Windows compatibility and unparalleled technical support. Xandros brings to market a complete solution that gives businesses, governments, and schools all over the world access to affordable computers and software."

Link: xandros.com

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