June 22, 2006

Xandros Desktop 4 Screenshot Tour

Anonymous Reader writes "Xandros.com reports - New Xandros Linux Desktop Home Edition (v4.0) Targets Home and Multimedia Users With Support for iPods, Cameras, E-mail, Web Browsing, Internet Calling and More on Secure, Stable Linux Platform... Xandros, the leading provider of easy-to-use Linux alternatives to Windows desktop and server products, today announced a new line of consumer desktop products targeting home and multimedia users... The new products cover the digital home lifestyle spectrum with music management, wireless networking, photo management, Internet calling, DVD burning, iPod support, and more.

OSDir has a huge selection of screenshots of Xandros Desktop 4 Home Edition Premium in the Xandros Desktop 4 Screenshot Tour."

Link: shots.osdir.com


  • Linux
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