November 8, 2001

XAO Inc. announces availability of XAO 1.0, Web server

Author: JT Smith

Brian DeSpain writes, XAO Inc., a Pasadena, CA-based software company, formerly a division of VA Linux Systems, today announced the availability of XAO 1.0, a web-services software solution based on the Apache web server. XAO 1.0 allows companies to integrate data quickly from disparate sources such as relational databases, legacy applications, ERP systems, and other application servers and make them available in a standardized fashion. The resulting information or system can then be made available as a web service or in whatever data format is needed for the customer. XAO 1.0 is the company's first product release since being spun off from VA Linux Systems.

The XAO 1.0 Foundation Server (the bedrock of XAO 1.0) provides an API on top of any relational database making the information in the database available in the Foundation Server. The Foundation Server provides an object level view of information while retaining the speed of relational database queries. This allows web services developers and software developers all the benefits of an object-oriented database with all the speed of a relational database.

The XAO 1.0 Foundation Server also serves as storage and a highly-optimized deep search mechanism for all other XAO 1.0 modules and web applications such as electronic commerce.

"I'm excited about the release of the Foundation Server," notes Brian DeSpain, CEO of XAO. "With this release we're providing a solid base for web services on the world's leading web server, Apache. We will be adding additional modules regularly over the next six months."

XAO has made the Foundation Server available under the XAO Open License, based on the Sleepycat License, making it compatible with the GPL. XAO offers a separate license for companies wishing to embed or use XAO 1.0 without the constraints of the GPL. "Web services by their very nature should be open source, based on open standards," states DeSpain.

XAO ships the Foundation Server with a complete set of unit tests, enabling developers to customize the application to their specific needs without having to worry about moving off the established code tree. As long as the modifications pass the unit tests provided with the software, they will be compatible with future upgrades to the software.

About XAO Inc.
XAO Inc. is a privately held software company, formerly a division of VA Linux Systems. XAO offers software and services to the Fortune 5000 based on the XAO Server, an object oriented XML database and the Apache Web Server. Information about XAO Inc. and the XAO Foundation Server can be found at or by calling XAO toll-free at (877) 796-7437.

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