September 12, 2007

Xara Xtreme for Linux, a powerful graphics program

Author: JT Smith


for Linux is a powerful, general purpose graphics program for Unix
platforms including Linux, FreeBSD and (in development) OS-X. Xara
Xtreme is based on Xara Xtreme for Windows . The source code was made
available open-source in early 2006, and is being ported to Linux. The
downloadable  version of Xara Xtreme for Linux  is
working straight
away on most Linux machines, but  the development is
continuing daily.
At the moment  two versions are available for download. The
first is
the recommended download because it will normally be the most stable.
The second is the very latest, but untested version, built and
published automatically. Warning: It may be unstable. Linux-Tip was
using  the latest stable version provided as an
“Autopackage Archive”
on a Open Suse 10.2
We recommend connecting your system to the Internet. In this case the
script  can easily download and install the necessary packages



  • Linux
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