October 20, 2003

Xaraya .9.1.3 Released

John Cox writes: Xaraya is an Open Source extensible content management system. The system allows on-the-fly extensions to the content and user areas which allow greater control and versatility. Coupled with a XSLT style template engine with complete templating of output gives Xaraya unmatched versatility..9.1.3 is a major release enhancement for the Xaraya system. Many new feature have been added to the module functionality (such as a Scheduler and Work Flow modules), as well as reworked concepts such as the multi-language system, exception system, as well as the ability to show multiple module output as specified in the templates. Xaraya.9.1.3 also fixes many of the nagging problems that have been reported up to this point. This release is the biggest jump in stability as well as functionality since the initial.9.0.0 release.

More Details on.9.1.3: Release Notes

Download: SourceForge

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Link: www.xaraya.com


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