October 26, 2006

Xen 3.0.3 Screenshot Walkthrough

Anonymous Reader writes "We're pleased to announce the official release of xen 3.0.3!

This release includes many new features as well as enhanced
stability and performance. Some highlights include:

- a new easy-to-use CPU scheduler which includes weights, caps, and automatic SMP load-balancing;
- support for Xen-oprofile to allow measurement and optimization of code paths;
- greatly enhanced support for unmodified ("hvm") guests including Windows and legacy Linux operating systems;
- support for dynamic-allocation and copy-on-write disks ("blktap/qcow");
- packet segmentation offload in guests to improve network performance;
- enhanced support for IA64 (IPF) systems; and initial support for Power."

Link: thecodingstudio.com


  • Linux
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