Xfree86 4.2.0 out


Author: JT Smith

XFree86: XFree86 4.2.0 is now available for download. You may download it from the official ftp site or from one of the mirrors.

Below is a recent extract from the XFree86 change log. The full
change log can be found in the XFree86 source tree

XFree86 development code can be accessed directly from
the CVS repository. Information about this can be found
on our CVS page.

Change log extracts are also available for the
following branches:
3.3, 4.0.2, 4.1, 4.2.

XFree86 4.2.0 (18 January 2002)
 690. Workaround for hardware bug that prevents older ATI 3D Rage adapters from
      being assigned to XF86Config device sections (Marc La France).

XFree86 (17 January 2002)
 689. Fix bug introduced in snapshot causing XDarwin's PseudoramiX
      extension to always be disabled (Torrey T. Lyons).
 688. Disable the pipe check for stdout/stderr that was added in the previous
      snapshot because it looks like it might cause too many problems
      (David Dawes).
 687. Update the Arabic (ar) XKB keyboard map (#5145, Arabeyes team).
 686. Update the Russian (ru) XKB keyboard map, adding two new variants
      ("typewriter" and "phonetic") (#5143, Ivan Pascal).
 685. Remove the lt_a and lt_p XKB keyboard maps (#5139, Nerijus Baliunas).
 684. Disable the DRI and print a warning message for Radeon 8500 cards
      until they are supported (Kevin Martin).
 683. Properly detect when no BIOS is present on Radeon cards (#4978,
      Charles Hannum, Kevin Martin).
 682. Delay before restoring VGA registers for Radeons to "fix" VT switch
      problems (Kevin Martin).
 681. Add new PCI IDs from ATI (Kevin Martin).
 680. Update the Xinstall.sh script to create version compatibility links for
      shared freetype libraries when needed (David Dawes).
 679. Update Freetype2 shared library versions to match the versions libtool
      generates (Keith Packard).
 678. Doc updates (lots of people, includes #5142, 5144)

XFree86 (14 January 2002)
 677. Change the default verbosity level for stderr from 1 to 0 (David Dawes).
 676. Set the X server's stderr to non-blocking for non-root users
      (David Dawes).
 675. Don't allow the X server to start when stdout or stderr is a pipe for
      non-root users (David Dawes).
 674. Add OpenGL man pages.
 673. Avoid duplicate symbol problem with xkbevd on some platform (#A.769,
      Nicholas Leippe).
 672. Updated Ukranian XKB symbols file (#A.764, Andriy Rysin).
 671. Fix ELF loader for ARM architecture (#5138, Phil Blundell and
      Adam C. Powell IV).
 670. Fix a race condition in the Linux kernel DRM code (#5136,
      Arjan van de Ven).
 669. Fix DGA support in the s3virge driver (#5135, Kevin Brosius).
 668. Add XvBskew, XvRskew to adjust skew values for centering of an
      Xvideo window for the trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
 667. Fix loader for Motorola 68k machines (Alan Hourihane).
 666. Fix very high resolution modes (e.g. 1600x1200@16bpp) in the
      Trident driver (Alan Hourihane).
 665. -
 664. Quick hack to allow GLX to be included in non-XFree86 servers
      (Marc La France).
 663. More ROP_NEEDS_SOURCE fixes for Savage chipsets (Egbert Eich).
 662. Improvements to the SiS driver which should fix a lot of the 630
      issues (Thomas Winischhofer).
 661. In XDarwin IOKit mode, ignore screens sized 1x1 (Torrey T. Lyons).
 660. Some missing QNX fixes (#5121, Frank Liu).
 659. Update XDarwin man page and usage message for XFree86 4.2.0. Add
      XFree86 man page to XDarwin distribution (Torrey T. Lyons).
 658. Add bn_BD.UTF-8 to locale.dir (Taneem Ahmed).
 657. Fix luit not dropping priviledges when run with the -c flag (#5134,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
 656. Fix unresolved symbol and loader symbol registration problems in the
      i810 driver that were introduced with the i830 support (David Dawes,
      Abraham vd Merwe).   
 655. Fix sparklies problem for other Trident *BladeXP chipsets 
      (Alan Hourihane).
 654. In XDarwin IOKit mode, ignore screens that can not provide the requested
      size, depth, or refresh rate instead of generating a fatal error
      (Torrey T. Lyons).

XFree86 (7 January 2002)
 653. Fix some typos in the DRI README (#A.757, Andreas Mohr).
 652. xon.sh path setting from 3.3.6 (#A.756, Marc Herbert).
 651. Fix a problem with the Radeon driver that was causing the sync polarity
      to be ignored (#A.753, Vedran Rodic).
 650. Set the max clock correctly for the G550 second head (#5133,
      Luugi Marsan).
 649. Fix a Radeon DRI lockup problem (#5128, Steven Pritchard).
 648. Back out some mga_g450pll.c changes that cause problems on at least
      some G450 configurations (#5122, David Woodhouse).
 647. Fix some xterm build warnings on *BSD (David Dawes, Thomas Dickey).
 646. Some QNX4 fixes/updates (#5121, 5124, 5130, 5131, Frank Liu).
 645. Prefer POSIX O_NONBLOCK to O_NDELAY (when defined) in lib/dps (#5121,
      Frank Liu).
 644. Fix portability problem with XpmI.h (based on #5121, Frank Liu).
 643. Only use SA_RESTART in xterm when it's available (#5121, Frank Liu).
 642. Work around Watcom compiler bug that shows up when building Mesa's
      stencil.c (David Dawes, based on #5121, Frank Liu).
 641. Handle __inline and __inline__ in compiler.h for non-GNU compilers,
      which makes it more likely that drivers will build with other compilers
      (David Dawes, based on #5121, Frank Liu).
 640. Build fixes for xedit/lisp. Don't define NEED_SNPRINTF when not needed.
      Avoid a double recursion into subdirs (#5123, Matthieu Herrb).
      Added code for systems without getpagesize.
 639. Fix the xdm's handling of keys, allowing keypad keys to work (#A.662,
      Servaas Vandenberghe).
 638. Fix hang when quitting XDarwin before starting X server
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
 637. Don't add XDarwin's PseudoramiX extension with only one screen
      (Greg Parker).
 636. Add Spanish localization of XDarwin help file (Pablo Di Noto).
 635. Improve XDarwinStartup's error reporting (Torrey T. Lyons).

XFree86 (28 December 2001)
 634. Update the ati/radeon driver to recognise the All-in-Wonder 8500's
      ID (#5117, Vladimir Dergachev).
 633. Fix bug where a pointer may be checked without being intialized in xman
      (#5120, Martin Husemann).
 632. Add an informational message to the radeon driver when LCD/DFP mode
      validation fails (#5118, Vladimir Dergachev).
 631. Handle the ATI Rage128 "PP" variant like the "PR" variant (#4982,
      Mike Harris).
 630. Fix a LynxOS on PowerPC build problem (#A.746, Stuart Lissaman).
 629. Fix the names of the Northern Saami keyboards (#A.742,
      Petter Reinholdtsen).
 628. Add Xinerama info to xdpyinfo (#A.741, Greg Parker).
 627. Fix an xdm problem caused by not handling an interrupted read (#A.728,
      Darren Marshall).
 626. Add functions completing text control for Render.  Bump XRender library
      minor version (Keith Packard).
 625. Add XKB layout info for a newer Logitech iTouch keyboard (#A.727,
      Dimitromanolakis Apostolos).
 624. Fix a problem that shows up with the summa tablet driver when using
      a Genius EasyPen (#A.714, Anders Melchiorsen).
 623. Fix for VT switch problem with the S3 driver (based on #A.677,
      Juergen Lesny).
 622. Remove some more spurious entries in the KSC 5601 encoding file (#A.678,
      Jungshik Shin).
 621. Fix for APM problem on devfs-based Linux systems with APM in a kernel
      module (#A.663, Denis Zaitsev).
 620. Update the mga Xv double buffering to match the more recent submission
      (#4976, Didier Gautheron).
 619. Fix a bug in the XKB Slovak (sk) layout (#A.621, Juraj Bednar).
 618. Fix a small window when a SIGIO may be received without a handler
      installed (David Dawes, based on #A.620, Michel Lespinasse).
 617. ISO 8859-{1,7,15} Compose file updates and fixes (#5114,
      Vasilis Vasaitis).
 616. In XDarwin multi-monitor IOKit mode, read screen location from the
      kernel (Torrey T. Lyons).
 615. Update XDarwin credits file (Torrey T. Lyons).
 614. Fix various XDarwin crashes in multi-monitor rootless mode by using
      a new "light" version of PanoramiX/Xinerama called PseudoramiX
      (Gregory Parker).
 613. Fix some typos in the X.Org INSTALL doc (#5113, Chris Pepper).
 612. Fix an bug that prevented the releasing of XvMC memory on exit (#5112,
      Matthew J. Sottek).
 611. Some Xprint build warning fixes (David Dawes).
 610. Xprt PCL3 support (#5111, Mark Snitily, from X11R6.6).
 609. Xprt PostScript bitmap cache (#5110, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 608. Updates for the Romanian (ro) XKB map (#5108, Marius Andreiana).
 607. Update s3virge docs (#5107, Kevin Brosius).
 606. Disable pixmap24 option for Permedia3/4/R4 as the chip doesn't support
      this (Alan Hourihane).
 605. Fixed a infinite loop in the i2c code.
 604. Fixed a Sig11 problem in siliconmotion driver (Egbert Eich).
 603. Fixes to silicon motion driver:
	- gamma correction for 24 bit true color mode.
	- XAA: clipping rectangle was clipped to visible screen, so offscreen
	  pixmaps could not been drawn at with accelerated drawing functions.
	- in SMI_ScreenInit frame buffer size calculation for video changed.
	- smi_video: partly rewritten.
	  - Support for 7111
	  - interlaced video via
	    - XF86Config Option "Interlaced" or
	    - attribute XV_INTERLACED (Corvin Zahn).
 602. Add French localization of XDarwin help file (Olivier Verdier).

XFree86 (19 December 2001)
 601. Change the property Xprint uses to identify pmf printer internal fonts
      to avoid a clash with DPS (#5106, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 600. Fix a C type aliasing bug in xkbcomp (#5104, Jakub Jelinek).
 599. Fix a bug in Xprint's PS output code that was over-optimizing out
      clip change requests (#5102, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 598. Improved error handling for Xprint's -XpFile option (#5101, 5105,
      Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 597. Add higher resolution options to the Xprint postscript printer support
      (#5096, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 596. BuildLoadableXlibI18n should be keyed off "SharedLibX11" rather than
      "BuildX11Lib" (#5095, Ernie Coskrey).
 595. Fix a luit inconsistency between the default data used when a
      locale is unknown and the data used by ISO 8859-1 locales (#5092,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
 594. Add eo_EO locale entries, which is what GNU libc 2.2 uses for the
      Esperanto locale (#5091, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 593. Fix an Xprt page handling problem (#5090, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 592. Update the X.Org release number from 6.5.1 to 6.6 in various
      documents and header files (#5089, 5100, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 591. Recognise __SVR4 as an alternative for SVR4 in Xosdefs.h (#5087,
      Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 590. Cleanup some header files to make them more C++ friendly (#5086, 5088,
      Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 589. Update the driver status document (#5085, Branden Robinson).
 588. Fix the SiS drm driver (#5084, Torsten Duwe).
 588. Fix Trident driver pitch values when accelerator is in use, applies
      to Image and Blade series chips (Alan Hourihane).
 586. Minor bugfix to SiS driver, restructured VT switching code 
      (Egbert Eich).
 585. Attempt to fix flickering in 24bpp on Trident CyberBladeXPAi1
      (Egbert Eich).
 584. Fixed UTF8lib support (Mike Fabian).
 583. Re-instate makedepend's recognition of backslash line terminations
      (Marc La France).
 582. Add proper reference counting to the XvMCContext so that destroying
      the context before destroying associated surfaces is handled correctly
      (#5083, Matthew J. Sottek).
 581. Fix the xtt (X-TrueType) font module so that it will recognise
      fonts with upper-case suffixes (".TTF" and ".TTC") (#5082,
      ISHIKAWA Mutsumi).
 580. Use uname instead of hostname in rstart and xon scripts for portability,
      plus some other rstart and xon fixes (#5081, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 579. Some newport driver cleanups and fixes (#5080, 5103, Guido Guenther).
 578. Fix XagNsingleScreen definition and some related side-effects (#5077,
      Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 577. Fix some doc typos, and remove references to the non-existent
      shadowfb(4) man page (#5076, David Krause).
 576. Pitch calculation updates for the r128 driver (#5074, Michel Dänzer).
 575. Updates for VMware SVGA programming documentation (#5073,
      Jeremy (VMware)).
 574. Fix cases where makedepend reports the wrong line number and file when
      an error occurs (#5072, Mark Snitily, from X11R6.6).
 573. Fix differences in libXt behaviour when using poll() compared with
      when using select() (#5071, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 572. Some warning cleanups for Tru64 (#5069, Antti Tapaninen).
 571. Fix a typo in the mt_us keymap entry (#5067, Nerijus Baliunas).
 570. Add some missing UNDEFINE lines to the iso8859-11 and tis620-2
      encoding files (#5065, 5066, Theppitak Karoonboonyanan).
 569. Some Luxi font updates:
       - update the Type 1 versions to fix a UID-related bug and cover more
       - update the TTF fonts.scale file to include ISO 8859-13
       - update the docs to properly reflect the fonts' glyph coverage
      (#5064, B&H, Juliusz Chroboczek).
 568. Fix "The Open Group" copyright notices to reflect the change in
      post R6.4 licensing (#5093, Mark Snitily, from X11R6.6).
 567. Added debugging helpers (Egbert Eich).
 566. Added support for the Trident CyberBladeXPAi1 (Egbert Eich).
 565. Fixed Mono8x8Fill problem in S3 Virge and Savage drivers (Egbert Eich).

XFree86 (12 December 2001)
 564. Fix XDarwin GetImage bug on screens other than 0 in rootless mode
      (Gregory Parker).
 563. Fix acceleration, hw cursor and console restoration in the "nv" driver
      on PowerPC (Mark Vojkovich).
 562. Fix console switching on r128 & radeon drivers using FBDev (#5075,
      Benjamin Herrenschmidt (radeon), Michel Dänzer (r128) ).
 561. Implement double buffering for XVputimage in the mga driver (#A.601,
      Didier Gautheron).
 560. Fix a wheel emulation problem that prevented delivery of button
      events when the wheel button was the same as one of the emulated
      button (#A.600, Antonio Larrosa Jiménez).
 559. Fix some 'make install.sdk' problems (#A.586, Stanislav Brabec).
 558. Fix mga DGA when UseFBDev is enabled (#A.584, Wayne Whitney).
 557. Fix dri module build when BuildXinerama is set to NO (David Dawes,
      based on #A.599, Pontus Lidman).
 556. Fix libXext build when BuildLBX is set to NO (based on #A.582,
      Didier Gautheron).
 555. Fix typo in ms_MY locale name (was ms_NY) (Hasbullah Bin Pit).
 554. Fix incorrect code in signal handlers in most of the clients,
      xterm and xdm not done yet (Matthieu Herrb).
 553. Add Glint R4 and Gamma2 support to the glint driver (Alan Hourihane).
 552. Fix rotated display in the nv driver (Mark Vojkovich).
 551. By default, validate all available modes rather than only the largest
      such mode (Marc La France).
 550. Various XDarwin improvements:
      - Use all 8 bits of PseudoColor in full screen Quartz mode.
      - Write XDarwin version number to console log.
      - Move Alt/Option key back to Mod1 by default.
      (Torrey T. Lyons)
 549. Fix offscreen memory manager segfault (Jacques Gangloff).
 548. XDarwin Quartz mode cursor improvements:
      - Safely free QuickDraw cursors.
      - Fix disappearing cursor in rootless mode with multiple monitors.
      (Gregory Parker and Torrey T. Lyons)
 547. i810 XvMC fixes (#5078, Matthew J. Sottek).
 546. Downgrade DDC-related mode rejections to warnings as some monitors
      advertise their nominal, rather than actual, tolerances (Marc La France).
 545. Add Korean localization of XDarwin front end (Kyunghwan Kim).
 544. Allow XDarwin to launch from the Finder even if there are spaces, etc.
      in the path to its application bundle (Torrey T. Lyons).
 543. Add XvHsync, XvVsync to adjust skew values for centering of an
      Xvideo window for the trident driver (Geoffrey Hausheer, Alan Hourihane).
 542. Fixed xkb to avoid setting of AccessXTimeout to 0 (Egbert Eich).
 541. Added option to sync the logfile after every line written (Egbert Eich).
 540. Improved APM handling: 
      - Added disable of Input Handlers.
      - Added support for undo on failed APM requests.
      - Set vtSema to false (Egbert Eich).
 539. Improved detection of primary device especially for non-PC platforms
      (Egbert Eich).
 538. Silicon Motion driver Fixes: 
      - Removed separate loading of int10 code.
      - Added reset of graphics engine on EnterVT (Egbert Eich).
 537. Set flag ROP_NEEDS_SOURCE for CPUToScreenColorExpand for all
      S3 Savage chips (Egbert Eich).
 536. SiS driver: 
      - Added fix to restore fbdev mode properly on VT switch/exit.
      - Improved LCD handling on SiS 630.
      - fixed screen blanking in SiS driver to properly blank LCDs 
        (Egbert Eich).
 535. Trident driver: 
      - Fixed screen centering for 640x480 Modes.
      - Fixed video playback for BladeAi1.
      - Fixed hotkey internal/external switching for XPm8/16.
      - Added support for on-the-fly video recentering.
      - Attempt to fix contrast settings for video (Egbert Eich).
 534. Added reset code for PS/2 mice when replug events occurs
      (required for later Linux 2.4.x kernels) (Egbert Eich).
 533. xf86cfg: start AccessX controls even when started from a running server
      (Egbert Eich).
 532. Add support in glint driver for booting secondary cards that have
      the VGA disable jumper set (so no access to the BIOS) (Jay Estabrook).
 531. Add Spanish localization of XDarwin front end (Pablo Di Noto).
 530. Set the r128 DRI driver version back to 2.2 so that the major version is
      the same as for the version in XFree86 4.1.0.
 529. Fixes for DGA2.0 support in the radeon driver (#A.585,
      Shyouzou Sugitani).
 528. Fix mkfontdir's scanning of fonts.scale files to detect a bad file
      resulting from concatenating two fonts.scales files, and to avoid
      buffer overruns from over-long strings (#A.563, Jonathan Kamens).
 527. Avoid i810 VT switching problems on FreeBSD (David Dawes).
 526. Fix a possible SIGFPE in the X-TrueType fonts (#A.640, Nam SungHyun).
 525. Fix -probe and -configure to not clear the screen on exit on SunOS SPARC.
      (Marc La France).
 524. Fix support for ATI Graphics Pro Turbo 1600 adapters (Marc La France).
 523. Newport driver updates, including 24-bit support (#5062, Guido Guenther).
 522. Fix pixel info not being returned from the APPGROUP extension (#5061,
      Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 521. Remove debug message in the calcomp driver (#5060, Martin Kroeker).
 520. Replace "X Windows" with "X Window System" or "X" in various places
      (#5058, David Krause).
 519. Fix the size of some lbx struct members on 64-bit architectures
      (#5053, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 518. Fix the size of some xXagGetAttrReply struct members on 64-bit
      architectures (#5052, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 517. Add a NULL check that was missing in the CID part of the Type1 code
      (#5050, Mark Snitily, from X11R6.6).
 516. XKB AccessX LED beep feature (#5047, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 515. Fix WriteToClient flushing bug (#5046, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 514. Fix improper freeing of widget translations in libXt when
      REFCNT_TRANSLATIONS is defined (#5044, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 513. Fix XPrint memory leak (#5042, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 512. Local Authorization Fix (#5041, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 511. Add locale entries for Sami (#5055, Børre Gaup).
 510. Fix XProcessInternalConnection man page duplication (#5040, Chris Bare,
      from X11R6.6).
 509. Minor xrx Imakefile fix (#5038, Chris Bare, from X11R6.6).
 508. Remove outdated xc/fonts/encodings/large/README (#5033,
      Juliusz Chroboczek).
 507. Enable XVideo support for the SuperSavage (#5031, Tim Roberts).
 506. Add some missing locale entries (#5026, Mike Harris).
 505. s3virge driver updates, including:


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