February 18, 2004

XFree86 License Causes Distros to Rethink Plans

A recent licensing change for XFree86 code has prompted several Linux distribution projects to reject the next version of XFree86 in their upcoming

The first distribution to make a public stand against the inclusion of XFree86 4.4 was Mandrake Linux in an announcement made to the Cooker mailing
list on Monday by one of the lead developers of the Cooker branch. This announcement simply stated that the next version of Mandrake Linux, 10.0,
would have the 4.3 version of XFree86, based on license reasons.

The licence, first announced on January 29 by XFree86 president David Dawes, is technically known as the 1.1 edition of the XFree86 license. License
1.1 was intended, according to Dawes' announcement, to "strengthen the 'except claim you wrote it' clause of the Project's licensing philosophy
regarding binary distributions of XFree86."

Specifically, the license now requires that full credit be given in source and binary code to the XFree86 Project anytime the xlib files are used.

Link: linuxtoday.com

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