March 6, 2002

Xft hack results in high quality anti-alias font rendering

Author: JT Smith

Eugenia writes, "Font Antialias first made its way to XFree through Qt/KDE only a year ago and GTK+/Gnome followed some time after. Even with the latest version of Freetype 2.08, which reportedly brings better quality, the result is still not up to par with the rendering quality found on some commercial OSes. David Chester has hacked through the Xft library and he achieved an incredibly good quality on antialias rendering under XFree86. With this 'hack,' at last, XFree can deliver similar aesthetic results with the MacOSX or Windows rendering engines. Check the two brand new screenshots 'before' and 'after' at his web page and notice the difference with your own eyes."


  • Open Source
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