May 1, 2002

Xi Graphics' Summit v2.1supports S3 SuperSavage Graphics on Linux, Solaris

Xi Graphics, Inc. announced today the
release of eight high-performance graphics drivers for the Toshiba Tecra 9000
portable computer that uses the SuperSavage graphics hardware. The drivers
differ in feature sets and in 2D or 2D+OpenGL 3D capabilities.
Features such
as TV Out, DualView, and Video Window, are available in the Tecra 9000
drivers.  Feature descriptions and benchmark test data for the Summit graphics
drivers are available from the Xi Graphics Web site, .
    Each Summit v2.1 graphics driver is available in demo mode for download
from the Xi Graphics Web site for compatibility and performance testing.
Users can purchase a Summit License Key on-line which when installed converts
a demo into permanent product.  A license is required for each computer on
which an Accelerated-X Summit driver is used as permanent product.  Prices for
the License Keys range from $69 to $139, depending upon the driver.
    Customer support, which the Company claims is prompt, courteous and
competent, is also free via phone and e-mail to its Denver, Colorado
    According to Xi Graphics, owners of other makes and models of notebooks
that use the S3 SuperSavage graphics chip should also be able to test and
license the Summit v2.1 SuperSavage graphics drivers on their units.

    About Xi Graphics Inc.
    Xi Graphics Inc., has developed commercial accelerated graphics drivers
for Linux and UNIX(R) systems since 1994.  For information on the Company,
visit .

    Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds.  All other trademarks are property
of their respective owners.
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