August 15, 2001

Xilinx ships 10-Gbit core for Ethernet

Author: JT Smith

EETimes: "In an attempt to get out in front of emerging I/O standards for
networking, Xilinx Inc. has rolled out 10-Gbit Ethernet, PCI-X and Common Switch
Interface (CSIX) products. Hypertransport and Infiniband offerings are in the works,
Xilinx said.

The San Jose, Calif., company said it has begun delivering a 10-Gbit Ethernet
media-access controller (MAC) core; a 100-MHz version of its PCI-X core; and a
reference design for the CSIX interface. The offerings are intended to push Xilinx's
high-end Virtex 2 FPGA deeper into networking applications, where I/O has become a
dominant design issue."


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