March 25, 2002

Ximian announces Evolution 1.0.3

vmlinuz writes: "Ximian announces the shipment of Evolution 1.0.3.

As a dedicated Ximian customer you are
receiving advance word of this upgrade. The new version of Evolution
contains numerous bug fixes and improvements, and is also designed to
work with Ximian Connector, an Ximian add-in that allows Evolution to
communicate directly with MS Exchange 200 servers as an Exchange client.
I know that you will want to upgrade to this new version.

Typically, when we deliver new versions of Evolution our download site
and free Red Carpet servers slow down for a few days, This is because of
the incredible demand that our hundreds of thousands of users put on the
system. Because you are a valued customer, we want to make sure that you
are aware, in advance, of this upgrade so that you can plan for this
event. There are a couple of strategies available to you to make sure
that you get the new version efficiently.

First, if you are a subscriber to Red Carpet Express, you already have
access to dedicated premium servers that will deliver you the best
possible performance for Red Carpet updates from Ximian. On Monday, when
you launch Red Carpet, you'll see a new version of Evolution, among
other things, in your summary. Your installation of the newest versions
of Ximian products should only take a few minutes.

If you do not already have a subscription to Red Carpet Express, this is
a good time to consider purchasing one. If you subscribe before March
31, you'll even save a few dollars, as we are nearing the end of a
special Red Carpet Express promotional period.

If you do not wish to subscribe to Red Carpet Express, you may achieve a
faster download if you try changing your mirror choice to another
location. Often, mirror sites have less load on them than Ximian's
regular servers, so you'll benefit from a faster download.

Of course, you do not need to take any action at all. In a few days the
heavy download traffic will subside and you'll be able to get software
updates at speeds comparable to those you get today.

Evolution 1.0.3 is hot. We think that you'll like it!"

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