May 30, 2002

Ximian news, May 29, 2002

1) Get StarOffice 6.0 FREE with Ximian Desktop Professional Edition, Red
     Carpet Express
2) New Red Hat 7.3, Mandrake 8.2 and Yellow Dog 2.2 Distribution Support
3) Solaris Users:  Get Connected to Exchange 2000
4) Getting Help: Visit
5) Tip: Using Ximian Evolution with KDE and Solaris (CDE)
6) Customer Spotlight:  Zumiez
7) Upcoming Ximian Events
(1) Get StarOffice 6.0 FREE with Ximian Desktop Professional Edition,
      Red Carpet Express

    Ximian is now including Sun StarOffice 6.0 for Linux with Ximian
    Desktop Professional Edition and the Red Carpet Express premium
    high-speed software updating service. StarOffice 6.0, which has a
    suggested retail price of $75.95, is a new, significantly enhanced
    version of the Microsoft Office compatible productivity application
    application suite for word processing, spreadsheet, business
    graphics and drawing/diagramming. Tightly integrated with Ximian
    Desktop, StarOffice 6.0 provides one-click email attachment handling
    of Word, Excel and Powerpoint files.
    StarOffice 6.0 is bundled with:
    * Ximian Desktop Professional Edition, priced at $59.95, including
    90 days of web-based technical support.
    * Red Carpet Express, with subscriptions priced at $9.95 per month
    and $99.95 per year.
    * Red Carpet CorporateConnect, which includes a license for
    StarOffice 6.0 included with each paid seat, priced at $150 per year
    per seat.
    To order your copy of Ximian Desktop Professional Edition, visit the
    Ximian store at:
    To subscribe to Red Carpet Express:
    Read the official announcement:

(2) New Red Hat 7.3, Mandrake 8.2 and Yellow Dog 2.2 Distribution

    Ximian recently delivered new versions of Ximian Evolution, Red
    Carpet and Ximian GNOME certified for use with the latest Linux
    distributions from Red Hat (7.3); Mandrake (8.2) and Yellow Dog
    2.2.  Ximian Desktop software can be purchased on CD at:

    or downloaded for free at: 
    Watch the Ximian web site for upcoming distribution support,
    including SuSE 8.0.

(3) Solaris Users:  Get Connected to Exchange 2000

    Ximian Connector, which enables Ximian Evolution to function as a
    Microsoft Exchange 200 client for email, group scheduling, global
    address book access, and other important corporate functions, has
    been extended to support Solaris 8.0 systems. Now, in corporations
    who have standardized on Microsoft Exchange 2000 for messaging and
    calendar functions, Linux and UNIX users alike can use Ximian
    Evolution to collaborate with their colleagues running Windows.
    "After installing Ximian Connector, I became a full-fledged member
    of the my employer's calendaring community. My responses to meeting
    requests initiated by Outlook users worked correctly and
    consistently. Best of all, installation was trivial - right-clicking
    on the license that I received via email gave me the option to
    install the Connector license, which worked flawlessly." Bill Von
    Hagen, Linux Planet.
    Learn more about Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange:

(4) Getting Help: Visit

    Did you know that Ximian offers a free knowledge base to help you
    find answers and solve problems?  Visit to
    learn about free and premium support options from Ximian.

(5) Tip: Using Ximian Evolution with KDE and Solaris (CDE)

    Ximian recently shipped new installers that dramatically simplify
    the process of using Ximian Evolution on systems running KDE and
    CDE.  Now, you no longer have to install all of GNOME if you want to
    use Ximian Evolution.  Just choose "Install Evolution only" from the
    Ximian Desktop installer, and only those packages required by
    Evolution will be installed.

(6) Customer Spotlight:  Zumiez

    From upstate New York to Seattle, Zumiez stores are the place to
    find the latest snowboarding and skateboarding hardware, clothes,
    and shoes.  In a retail sector where "bleeding edge" threads and gear
    have driven rapid growth, this 89-store chain, based in Everett,
    Wash., can't open outlets fast enough.  To manage this rapid
    expansion, Zumiez is bringing Linux, and Ximian software, into the
    By the end of May, the 1,200-employee, privately held chain will
    have installed open-source software on the PCs at all its retail
    locations to enable managers to browse the intranet, do email,
    manage company calendars, and complete their financials.  Those
    computers are using of Ximian Desktop software customized by Zumiez,
    including Ximian Evolution, Gnumeric and Mozilla on systems running
    the Red Hat version of the Linux operating system. They will also
    run the Zumiez point-of-sale (POS) retail-management system.
    According to Zumiez' retail-systems manager, Rory Hudson, the shift
    to open-source software will cut the tech budget by between $250,000
    and $500,000 a year.  
    See Business Week Online:

(7) Upcoming Ximian Events

    Ximian will be attending or supporting Technical Conferences/Linux
    User Group meetings in Monterey, CA (USENIX: June 10-15) New
    Hampshire (June 26), and Jacksonville, Florida (ITEC: June 12&13). 
    If you are organizing an upcoming LUG meeting, let Greg
    Mancusi-Ungaro, Ximian Director of Marketing Communications, know by
    emailing him at
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