Ximian’s Red Carpet plagued with dependency errors


Author: JT Smith

– by Tina Gasperson
The first full release of Red Carpet, bundled with Ximian’s Gnome 1.4, is playing temperamental at installation time, refusing to proceed without having its many dependencies satisfied. It’s RPM-hell.Since the release date, the mailing list has been inundated with error reports worded like this:

"Red Carpet has encountered an error while trying to process your request:

An error has occurred while Red Carpet was processing this transaction. 
This may be caused by an improperly built or corrupted package. You may 
want to try the transaction again with fewer packages. You should report 
this problem to red-carpet@ximian.com as soon as possible."

This message is usually followed by a list of unsatisfied RPM dependencies, and sometimes a request to remove packages.

Reports of this nature, posted by beta-testers of the software, were also showing up on the Red Carpet mailing list right up to the release date. It is clear that Ximian knew about the dependency errors before releasing Red Carpet 1.0 on April 24, but decided to go ahead with the schedule and ask for forgiveness later.

“It was our intention to release another beta version in the last few days, but unfortunately, we’ve run out of time,” said Ian Peters of Ximian in an April 21 post to the Red Carpet mailing list. “Unfortunately, all of us at Ximian got caught up in working on the next version of the Ximian GNOME Desktop, and were unable to make another beta release (of Red Carpet).”

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